Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Parks in Dhothi's

This is the very famous and iconic Cubbon park which Ruhi and I promptly decided to visit on a holiday. I was looking forward to taking the train rides which i soo loved doing as kid , was visiting this place after 14 years. We mostly sat outside did some funny things which seemed like it was too loud even for park standards .After about an hour of random loitering around we headed out to this pretty European vibe cafe .

Photographer of the day Republic Of Chic

Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Be on The Sartorialist

So next time Mr Sartorialist Visit's India we know what to do :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to Become A Style Blogger

Came across this really interesting JPEG at refinery29.com .I'm seriously considering the Boy Toy with camera skills part more than any other .

It's so much more complicated than this

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I bought these from a local designer , almost everything in my wardrobe that's vintage is from this particular store . The person/designer who sold them to me made these about 20 years ago.Strange are the ways of artists they create something beautiful but don't really care about sharing them with the world . He was cleaning his studio/store for diwali when he found these tucked away somewhere in the attic. He knows how i like helping him clean up his store so he promptly calls me. 

P.S my mother discovered this store for me about 2 years ago, almost 3 months  after that was when i visited the store because it's this dingy little place and gave out you really wouldn't find anything kinda vibe. However my persistent mother's persistence has paid off so well, now i visit the studio at least once in two weeks

Monday, November 22, 2010

Vashi's Jean Shack

A lot of my readers are constantly writing to me about sharing some interesting shopping hangouts in the city.So here's what I've decided to do feature all  the interesting stores i come across.

Introducing Vashi's Jean shack . The only store where in just about 10 mins time you can walkout with that perfect jeans. Finding a good pair of jeans  can be such a challenge untill you visit Vashi's of course.

The brains behind the store and the story itself

Mr Vashi Lakhani started Vashi's sometime during the 70's ,they started stitching jeans and later progressed to a full fledge store sometime around 85 . It's about 26 years old. Now the store is a pretty little family affair with Mr Vashi's son Tarun and his wife Dina running it as well. 

As soon as you walk into the store you cannot help but notice the wall , yes thats right not the jeans but the walls , Some interesting wall art adorns the walls . I have always wanted to know the history behind it . Tarun says that in 2002 when the store was renovated girls from Mount Carmel college who were also regulars at the store thought the walls were too plain and white, so they started writing what they thought about the store, the jeans   but sooner anybody who bought a pair of jeans would pen their thoughts on the walls . So it was basically a feed back sorta thing but on the walls.

Below are just some of the pictures , there are so many interesting and hilarious things written you could actually amuse yourself while shopping. The writing's inside the changing rooms as well and most of the time i'm so fascinated that instead of trying the jeans on i sit there and read all the stuff .

                                    On a busy day Tarun and Dina ,took some time off            to answer a few questions .

Some interesting number boards , yes it seems like i'm more fascinated by the interiors. Lets just talk about the jeans  now.

They have all kinds of brands and fit .There's Pepe, Spykar , D&G , Diesel, Replay, Hawk, Dragon , Recap.The range begins  from 695 Rs and can go up-to 4000 RS. You can walk into the store throw tantrums about the fit and guess what they'll have it, If it's not available then they find the closest fit and customize  it for you right there according to your needs . 

I found a pair of Calvin Klein jacket here and it's my favorite till date. Jeans and some assorted stuff is what you should expect here. 
The store has a very warm vibe, probably because each and every customer is bestowed with personal attention here.

For all the guys who write to me about doing something for them as well , here is a  beginning .They have jeans for both guys n girls . 

Where is it located ? 
ON Commercial Street .Krishnaveni complex,Bangalore
Store timings : Mon-Sun 9:Am to 10 Pm 
You can find them on FaceBook as well Vashi's Jean Shack

View Larger Map

I'm a big fan of the independent stores , thanks to the mall culture they are soon vanishing . the independent stores have so much character and history behind them . If any of you know such a store do write to me at smrithi@fashiontrendsindia.com

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Not So Little Black Dress

When there is an impending event i have tons of ideas in my head about what i'm going to wear . Then i go out hunting for something similar but almost always don't find anything.This means no matter how inspired i'am by the end of the day what's there in my wardrobe is what matters.

However this Diwali i didn't want this cycle to continue so decided to make a dress much before the "What to Wear" pangs  . I had this elaborate drapped dress in my mind which i couldn't translate on paper very well and my tailor doesn't do telepathy. So i finally came up with a simpler design .The dress turned out to be exactly as it was on paper.

wearing self made dress, peeptoes from a local store, pendent worn as a broach and gold headband

I was supposed to post it weeks ago when i actually wore this for a Diwali party but during NOV-DEC in Bangalore the habit of procrastination sets in thanks to the weather . Makes you hit the snooze button all day long ,but i'm not complaining .

This dress is for sale , check my SHOP for more details , Only 3 pieces available .

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Going through a very bling phase right now ,of late  I love the idea of wearing gold with almost everything . As soon as i saw the cover of Vogue Nippon December issue felt like everything i want to wear was depicted in this one picture .

Styling is so Fab!!! big hair , electric blue lipstick gold sequins and chain-links --cannot get enough

P.S I have a 10% discount coupon from ESPRIT , mail me if anybody is interested.

Monday, November 15, 2010



Colors are extremely perceptive ,Human eye perceives color in an individualistic manner, Not that pink to me looks like blue to some one else. Depends on the physics and the environment of the object in question. There is actually a whole lot of science behind it (chromatics).However the effect colors have on people are very similar  irrespective of the perception . 
Colors have always been my thing, i could never pin-point a color and say this is/was my favorite color. Something about them ,changes with moods. I could go to bed feeling like a pink person but get up being an yellow person. 

Random Trivia

Blue stands for Love, which is why brides carry/wear something blue 
The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra loved Purple. To obtain one ounce of tyrian purple ,she had her servants soak 20,000 Purpura snails for 10 days.
Hindus in India wear Yellow to celebrate the festival of spring .
Black is associated with sophistication and elegance 

The Aztecs of Mexico taught the Spanish how to make red dye by crushing insects called cochineals. Deep red looks bold, while pale red—pink—looks gentle. In the U.S., pink is now associated with girls, though before the 1920s it was considered a boy's color.
Cheerful sunny yellow gets noticed. In ancient Rome, yellow was the most popular wedding color. Yellow is sometimes worn for safety reasons: raincoats today may be bright yellow so that the wearer can be seen easily in the rain.

Does this post have a very readers digest vibe ?:-)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

See By Chloe

(Click On pics for enlarged view)

The weather here can't seem to make up it's mind. There's sudden heavy showers, then for hours it's nice and shinny ,just when i decide to take some pictures there's heavy grey overtone all of a sudden .Though i love this weather i really wish they would be a little picture friendly.
In Other news ,I met 5 readers of Vintage Obsession and a fellow Blogger in separate instances of course over the last 3 weeks was so much fun .Will try and post pictures soon.

Found these shorts at Arrow a while ago , couldn't have been more glad since they are so similar to See by Chloe collection.
Silk Scarf ,Belt from Khadi Bhandar
Shoes: Tibetian Market
Stockings Delhi

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pencil Skirt

 Pencil skirts go way back to the early 20th century , they were initially called the hobble Skirt which was full length,since they restricted the movement of the wearer modified shorter versions of the hobble skirt was termed pencil skirts.These skirts were first introduced by Christian Dior sometime during early 1940's who's  design was inspired by the letter H.

I was supposed to wear this for another shoot today which Ruhi and I were a part off ,but then decided to wear another dress , More about our fun Photoshoot soon.

Wearing Banana Republic pencil skirt with a lace dress worn as a top.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shall We Dance

A friend i was with spotted Tharak Xavier ,She  thought we spotted choreographer Terrance Lewis . However the weirdest coincidence Tharak  is actually a choreographer himself who conducts dance classes here in Bangalore and he says he's been dancing all his life . When asked what he specialize's  in he said everything under the sun .How cool is that now .Runs his own dance studio called Shadow Zone ,exactly where we spotted him .  Has participated in Dance premier league which happened to be a dance reality show on Sony Tv and now is one of the finalist's in another dance reality show called Dhee. Hoping he wins .

Something extremely distinctive about artist's(Of any kind) and there way of expressing themselves . I loved what he did with his hair , the orange cell phone he was carrying  and the eye brow piercing peek-aa-boo-ing from the hair.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Win A Pair Of Ugg Boots

Winter is upon us and nothing like winning a very handy pair of Ugg boots . Being the Boots fanatic that i'am had to share this awesome chance of owning a pair with you . Wooga Boots is hosting a giveaway at there website and all you have to do  is sign up to their Newsletter "HERE" Or follow them on Twitter . 

However If you feel like buying one right away. They are offering a  special discount for the readers of Vintage Obsession . Just type in the code 751INDIA for 10 % off .
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