Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Readers Digest

I get very excited when my readers (turned friends) voluntarily send impeccably styled pictures . The trouble they take to put together an outfit and click pictures is much appreciated here.Latha and Bharthi Naidu are sisters based here in Bangalore . Of late i have been obsessed with yellow after my fascination for the color white kinda phased out. Hence i decided to post this look first in a two part series of the skirt dress.Loved how they styled this ,it has ethnic India written all over .From the wooden bangle to the scrunchy and the chain.

P.S This is Bharthi and Latha is behind the camera.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blings and Weddings

Overflowing beautiful Kanchipuram sarees  to flowery and turbaned heads of course an overdose of gold sums the the Grand and fabulous affairs of South Indian weddings.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't go near the water

Sankey Tank happens to be one of my favorite spots in the city .A 2 min walk from home, most of my free evenings are spent here on the benches with a  book. Early morning walks here is total bliss.You can spot celebrities , uncomfortable couples trying not to gain attention, joggers,bird watchers,photographers,some like me just out of love for the place.The food hawkers outside sure helps if your here and as aimless as I am. 

P.S The bag is a Neil Dantas creation. Of course in the spirit of Mumbai again.
Costs about Rs 500 do write to him for more details at and check some more bags  HERE

Shirt: Thrifted
Jeans: Tibetian Market(Bangalore)
Bag:Neil Dantas
Scarf: W
Shades: M&S

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mixed Tape

For some reason these pictures never made it to any post . Here's a potpourri of some snaps  inside and some out,some with pets and some with out.

Bag courtesy Neil Dantas, In detail coming up soon

Oh she never strikes a pose for the camera, for once i was able to get her in the frame

One of my favorite places in Bangalore -Sankey Tank

Vintage Obsession was featured again in "The Indian Express" read  STYLE DIARIES . Along with one of my favorite blogger friends Wear About.  
Of course with  my oldest from republic of chic
Also the girls over at "High Heel Confidential "mentioned us For your reading pleasure

Blueberry Hill


As soon as i graduated from college one of the most memorable vacation was in Mumbai. How can one not fall in love with the city that never sleeps.Therefore these tee's from Neil Dantas which pretty much says my thoughts about the city was something i had to Embrace. Here's wishing him all the luck and hopefully he should come with such cool stuff for Bangalore as well.

This tee costs about 500 Rs ,if your interested in embracing your love get in touch with him through mail . You can check his work HERE And his website Neil Dantas

Tee: Neil Dantas
Trousers: Splash
Suspenders: Handmade
Location: 8th cross market Malleshwaram

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Malgudi Days

The minute i saw this house it reminded me of the serial Malgudi days. Houses like these are a rare sight these days.So colonial in nature , reminder of a by gone era, Vintage is it ? I wanted to sit there for a while sipping on some chai on the porch.  

Meet some friends for a fun evening and for a change i was clicking the pictures.I loved what Anjali wore so simple yet so chic.She's an architect so it was very natural for us to click here isn't it ? The ring and the bag is from China. The rest is from namma Bengalure.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Want To Wear dresses

While putting up this post the song "You make me wanna wear dresses" by Lisa Germano was playing at the back of my head constantly."It feels so good in there Much much safer in your castle" . Oh yes you make me feel so fragile.Now I cannot stop singing it.

The weather in Bangalore has been perfect for a while now.So got to accessorize with scarfs which was hidden until now ,Does that mean the monsoons are finally here ,oh i hope so .I love the rains ,smell of fresh air ,wet mud ,Masala Chai hmmmm cannot wait .

Dress: Vintage Store

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lahlah is Here

Chanced upon Esther Fanai A while ago ever since i'm a follower of her unique style. One of my favorite observations about her is the knots, knots eh? yeah she knots long flow-y dresses ,skirts towards the end ,its such a simple and chic way of transforming clothes to incorporate different looks in  one dress/skirt.

My recent trip to Delhi was not very fruitful in terms of shopping,so i had to ask her where she shops in Delhi where she is currently studying. To my utmost surprise she says every single outfit in the following pictures are second hand(Barely 200 bucks =4$)Jaws dropped . Now where oh where do you find such classy second hand clothes ,i don't mind taking a trip right away .

Her inspiration to start a blog she says "After lurking here and there in people's blog for a long time... I just thought why not? I love taking pictures and it was the most natural thing to do. Its a collective contribution...and to be apart of the contribution means a lot."  
Her layering skills are absolutely commendable. She uses arrays of colors in her outfits and loafers are her forte.

I'm waiting for it it to get cold here in Bangalore to be able 
to wear socks n all that.

Jean tote!! where do i buy it?

Her blog has more of her here

Deccan Herald's Boutique to blog

I had no idea that last week Deccan hearld featured Vintage Obsession(However the paper  added an extra "s") . Thanks to  a cousin and some very dear readers ,E-Mails i spotted this in the paper . 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shirt Dress

Days when i have the "oh i have nothing to wear" pangs ,or "i don't know what to wear" syndrome ,i normally wear a shirt with leggings ,stockings or the painter jeans and incorporate a belt . well i can never run out of shirts as dads and brother's closet is full of them .

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