Friday, October 29, 2010

Menjurian Tote-Bags

Today was such a difficult day , had to make some absolute tough calls i tell you . Was at cafe when i saw this girl carrying an absolutely brilliant Audrey Hepburn sling bag . I so wanted to stalk her and ask her the eternal question "Where From" then of-course bully her and take a picture , however what to do when your just getting to know this future stalk-able person if i get up to stalk another person i wouldn't know where to stalk this new eye candy i just found . This very difficult tug-of-war between 2 sides of the heart .For the likes of me ,who finds it difficult to choose between 2 donut's or 3. Now i keep telling myself normalcy will return ,just find the bag . For times like these i wish there existed  parallel worlds . 

Some Picture taking had to happen so what If it's not an Audrey Hepburn bag It's a Menjurian/Idly Vada  Bag from Mother earth

Meet Mahima , a dear friend with a very intimidating job . She's a chemical engineer ,if i have to put it in simple terms Dexter's Laboratory . Who's alter ego is some kind of literary  fanatic (check her blog Here)  cum danseuse(the Indian kind).I'm still kicking myself for missing her poetry recital at some fancy cafe. She has some fancy tote bag collection i tell you . Also some very interesting body art happens to adorn her body 

Those of who who often visit Koshy's I'm sure can recognize this gentleman , He magically find's  parking spot for me every-time I've visited the place .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cycles and fashion

Last season designers got together to revamp the tuk-tuk's aka auto rickshaws.This season it's the Bi-cycle/Tri-cycle .The on-going  Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week saw some brilliant cycle fashion.
Bi-cycles have been a huge fashion statement for seasons after season ,those of us who read The Sartorialist regularly are no strangers to this phenomenon .Also termed as Messenger Chic.

In the west manufactures make cycles keeping the Fashionista's in mind. Like this one manufacturer called Electra-bikes creates high-fashion cycles very popular with the fashionable crowd , or if you want a brand tag to come along with the cycle there is always the limited edition Chanel cycles worth $ 28,000 .

However I'm really hoping this would happen here in India as well , waiting to see people cruise down the streets wearing anything from suits and skinny jeans to heels and skirts , with messenger satchels and wicker baskets in tow.

This has a very Nida Mahmood vibe does any body know who's the uber talented designer behind this ?
(Images from WLIFW)

Off late bi-cycles have been a huge fascination with me probably because i didn't own one while growing up . My parents tell me this was because of my attention span problems(that of a butterfly ) . " what should we do with a lady bird if you stopped using it after the first week " they would say .  So every time i felt like it (read once a month ) i would bully my elder brother into letting me ride his ,then drop it a million times and quietly get it back home and act like i have no clue about all the damages . 

Monday, October 25, 2010

DIY-Rick Owens Inspired Wrap

(Click On Pictures For Enlarged View)

After many un-successfully attempts i finally created my very own Rick Owens inspired wrap . I couldn't have been more happier with the results .I had been going through some of his asymmetrical designs in awe  and wondering what in the world should i do to own one of these . Thats when my brother told me , the only solution would be to take some sewing classes and it has paid of pretty well. 

For those of you remotely interested in checking the original wrap click HERE

Also if you would like to own the HANDMADE WRAP   visit my SHOP for more details .

The whole asymmetric thing is so addictive that it's given me tons of ideas.have already begun working on a dress .

Wearing Self made wrap 

 Self made Knee High's(See HERE)  

Top from Shoppers Stop 

 Rompers worn as shorts ( See HERE)
Shoes from London 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lace and leggings

Every night before i just doze off ,I've the most awesome ideas running in my head .If they were ever to see sunshine i swear it would be the next best thing ,however since the idea is just born (new one every night ) i decide to dream about it and develop them in my dream, why ? because i was deeply affected by this Alexander McQueen quote" I get my ideas out of my dreams..... If  your lucky enough  to use something you see in a dream,It's purely original .It's not in the world-- It's in your head ."
So i let my sub conscious do all the work for me ,however I've always had absolutely dreamless sleep which basically means i sleep over every idea of mine and get up in the morning with a clean slate for a mind . 

Bag courtesy : Neil Dantas (Get in touch with him to place orders)

Lace Leggings from Akriti, Cape : Hand Made (You can get in touch with me to place orders :-)

Shoes from Tres-Mode  Jeans Shirt :from a local designer .

Friday, October 15, 2010

Passport To Happiness

Every time i watch Travel and Living Or NDTV Good Times makes me wonder who should you kill to become one of those travel show hosts . That is one job i would love to do even if it means donating every single person i know . It's Globe Trotting (It's a job by the way) and that to someone's paying you to do that.
Samantha Brown on Travel and Living so needs help with her wardrobe will someone please tell her i'm up for it .

What is that one job you would donate everyone you know?

Everything but for the shoes -Splash

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beads United

Wearing a top from Shoppers Stop, trousers from Remanika , shoes from Commercial street,Sunglasses from Marks&Spencers and bag from Levitate

A friend i was with suggested we click pictures with the traffic cop,however after we clicked some pics with him for whatever reasons he thought all camera's work like Polaroids ,after painfully explaining to him that i cannot immediately give me a picture , he was after our life's to know when and  how we intend to deliver his picture to him , now who was to tell him , no such intentions were harboured !! After making him believe that if he stuck around for a little while longer in the same place we would get his picture ,we scooted. All this happened right outside Hard Rock Cafe i'm sure a bunch of people had a good time looking at all the drama .

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dalai Lama to The Rescue

The arrival of the fall must have's this season was extremely depressing for me . Almost every where , everyone was screaming about how fur is a must have . This might look a little superficial coming from a person living in a tropical country ,who might not understand the necessity of fur in colder countries , but i can never see how killing innocent animals can be justified, Or how one soul is considered superior to another hence making it absolutely ok to kill.

Just posting one of those horror videos about animal farming for fur would be sufficient for my site to be termed Adults only or too violent for Kids tag that google gives out.More than 45 million animals worldwide are killed each year for their fur , Not only are cage-raised animals killed inhumanely, but they suffer from numerous physical abnormalities induced by the stress of caging conditions. After spending their short lived life's in squalid conditions,animals raised in fur farms are killed by cruel methods that preserve the pelt,such as gassing , neck-breaking and anal electrocution.

The most significant reason why using animal fur for clothes is a fashion crime is because fashion does not hurt 

Picture courtesy Latha Naidu and the cute little boy dressed as Dalai Lama is her nephew, Latha also happens to be a huge animal lover , and was generous enough to spend some time taking pictures with her cutest bunnies ,for someone who's always cribbing about her camera she sure has done a fab job . 

Friday, October 8, 2010


There is this fabric shop i regularly go to , happened to spot something which looks exactly like one of those Manish Arora prints , i was so excited but then to my disappointment somebody had already paid an advance on that particular piece , was so close to pulling off an  Ocean's Eleven ,but for my mom who was standing right next to me with a philosophy book in hand . Sigh !

Sunday, October 3, 2010

How To Rip Jeans

Click On Pic To Enlarge

Ripped jeans/clothing has been around for a while now , but somehow i can never get myself to pay for them  . Since it can be so easily done. 

Things required 

  • An old pair of jeans is good to start of with .
  • Sand Paper (higher the number better  )
  • Small wooden plank
Place the wooden plank beneath the area you intend to shred and sand paper along the edges .This gives a very naturally ripped look , after finishing wash the jeans inside out .

To rip pockets , place coins inside and sandpaper .

It's convenient to use sand paper as you can shred them to different degree's ,you can easily rip it off completely or make it look like it's worn out or just started to rip look .

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