Sunday, October 3, 2010

How To Rip Jeans

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Ripped jeans/clothing has been around for a while now , but somehow i can never get myself to pay for them  . Since it can be so easily done. 

Things required 

  • An old pair of jeans is good to start of with .
  • Sand Paper (higher the number better  )
  • Small wooden plank
Place the wooden plank beneath the area you intend to shred and sand paper along the edges .This gives a very naturally ripped look , after finishing wash the jeans inside out .

To rip pockets , place coins inside and sandpaper .

It's convenient to use sand paper as you can shred them to different degree's ,you can easily rip it off completely or make it look like it's worn out or just started to rip look .


  1. oh cool! i never thought of using sand paper! thanks for the How-to :)

    Jennifer & Sherry

  2. That is an interesting and informative how-to. Thanks. :)

  3. I usually use a cheesegrater never thought of sandpaper. xxx

  4. hey! great tips. will totally try it. thanks :)

  5. Ms rao you are way too creative..i have always said this :)

  6. you can also use a paper knife. scribble with the tipp of the knife over the area you want to rip.. keep on scribbling till you get a tiny hole. catch it and rip it apart..
    thats how i rip my jeans!

  7. smrithi! what sandpaper number did u use?

  8. @Koshy : I didn't want to rip them by hand coz i wanted it look like it's worn out , but maybe i should try

    @Asha: I had a bunch of sand papers of different numbers , but i used a 14 ,Use anything thats coarse

  9. Love the look! Now I'm tempted to go rip jeans up!
    I would love to own those shoes! Aren't they so hot? :)

  10. wow...n to think we would have otherwise waited for years to pass to reach here:-)

    this one's worth a try, specially on my old pair...:-)

  11. my DIY Queen!!! bowing down to u!!!

  12. Shit I'm hiding away somewhere for having simply ripped my jeans off! :|

    BTW, calling you while taking the measuements today :)

  13. i luvvvvv ur blog so much and hope u wont mind me putting it up on my fb favrt links!!!

  14. great tips!! i need to do this to some of my old jeans!



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