Monday, May 23, 2011

Wrapped in Gold

One of my favorite jackets from Mango , Quite sadly it's been trapped somewhere at the back of my closet in Bangalore  ,Can it get a little colder already my jackets would love to breathe once in a while . 

A whole bunch of readers have been mailing for quite sometime now asking me to do some how to wear basic elements in your closet kinda posts ,been putting it for a while now , so here is what i'am gona do starting from next post on ,will do a series on re-usability as in how a basic pieces  can be worn in different ways .  So people stop threatening  me  :-)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Belt Bag

I was just reading an article some where which says that belt bags are all the rage this season it's gona be big  blah blah and some more .I can never catch up with these trends and honestly don't pay too much attention either Anyways the point of this is I found this belt bag almost six months ago while i was in Udaipur picked it from a small shop in Rajasthan let alone Internet ,TV happens to be a rare phenomenon here .Cannot help but wonder how these super talented people come up with the stuff they do and weirdly after like ages some super rich Uncle in the west tells us "oh these are such a must have" really fascinating .When i asked the guy who was making these bags ,where he gets his ideas from he says most of designs are need based .Since public transportation are so full of people it's difficult  to be worried about holding your bag so he decided this would be so much easier for the ladies .Impressive.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A while ago Allen Solly gave me this fun assignment to do -Check their store out. I have always been a big fan of their formal wear most of the Allen Solly shirts has a very tailored feeling when worn,  I actually went to the store thinking i will probably pick either Blazers (Huge fan) or trousers or one of those smart formal shorts .However I decided to pick up a bag since it was the perfect green bag in terms of the color and size ,can carry it everyday for work since it fits almost everything i want to take  . I also picked up a pair of leggings since they weren't cotton ,most cotton leggings have a problem with the quality after say 2 washes and thank heavens it wasn't Lycra either .Perfect for summers fabric . I've washed it 3 times already and it's still so soft with a tinge of Glitter .Must say the trip to the store turned to be pretty fun .

P.S for those of you planning on visiting the store soon make sure you try on the pair of shorts which happens to be made in the softest of softest denim fabric and has the prettiest pockets with the perfect length .Available somewhere in the casual section. Don't be surprised if you find yourself holding a whole bunch of things wondering what to pick up.
It was a tough call between the shorts and the bag for me .

Bag and Leggings courtesy AllenSolly  ,brogues E-bay , thrift white Kurtha 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Orange Wonderful

I just realized blogger was kinda screwed for the past couple of days and my previous post magically vanished ,hence I'am reposting this again . I have absolutely no clue what i wrote previously so anyways here are the pictures as promised of one of my favorite stores it's one stop for kitsch and everything pretty ,I love how this store houses a lot independent Indian designers's ,instead of spending on an Aldo or Promod i so prefer coming here . 2 of my favorite pieces a pair of really pretty brocade boots and a hot bag which was actually a gift are from here .Wanted to pick up an oversize clutch here when i was recently in Bangalore but me being me went there on a Monday = weekly off for The Orange Bicycle so you guys plan your trip on days other than a Monday and you sure won't be disappointed :-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Orange Bicycle

This has been overdue for a really long time , Visited this place months ago .Had heard about The Orange Bicycle from too many people and had been meaning to check this place out ,however i waited long enough only to be coxed by Spardha (it's Uber Chic) who was vacationing in Bangalore .She had made up her mind to check the place out and thank fully made a very reluctant Ruhi and I check the place out as well .

Below are the just pictures of the exterior of the shop which is so tastefully done . Initially the exterior of the shop was just Orange in color but later on a lot of things were painted on it coz children kept confusing it be some kinda store for them  says Torsha one of the founders of the place .

Do come back tomorrow for more details about the store and directions to get there.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


On one of my I'am trying to discover Pune trips ,came across a really pretty flow-y lace jacket if it didn't cost more than my monthly grocery bill i would bought it in an instant . This made me wanna run back to Bangalore to my tailor .With a little bullying he would have made it for me in 2 days . Sigh !! so much for the love of making things , i don't know a) fabric market  b)a decent Tailor here in Pune. 

In some other news i finally found a place which makes the yummiest filter coffee ,apart from the annoying waiter who keeps asking me hows everything in Madras(These things are clich├ęd for a reason) i quite like going to that place coz it's neighbour  happens to be  a small super interesting book store as an icing they also have imported magazines  all second hand  how romantic .Apart from the heat i must say Pune is quite a cozy little place to be .

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Only +VeroModa

The first thing i did on the first day of my holiday in Bangalore was raid the Vero-Moda ,Only store in Indranagar .The first floor houses Only and the the second floor has Vero-Moda. This was on my to-do list for the longest time . The brand sure has some incredible pieces .Statutory warning : your bound to be super confused on what to pick up ,Should have al-least an hour to spare at the store coz it's gona take a lot of effort to decide on what to buy.
I had the lovely opportunity of picking  up 2 incredible tops which can be easily transformed to get the  "work to Bar" look.Along with  a fascinating  floral print leggings of-course keeping the summer trend in Mind . Wasn't an easy choice to make since i wanted to keep almost everything i  saw in the store . However what caught my fancy was the accessories part which ranged from sunglasses to pretty sling bags to scarfs and of-course pretty-pretty boxers .So i have pretty much sketched a weekend plan for you guys :-)

P.S You guys should however immediately head to the Vero-Moda India facebook page .They are having a really cool contest where you guys can win some vouchers from Vero-Moda and trust me on this you'll want it .So get clicking soonish  

p.p.s : There are 2 stores in Bangalore one on Commercial street and the other in Indranagar.

The top is so versatile that i got to wear it in 3 different ways without even having to spare a thought about styling it . Will try posting the other two looks super-fast.

Top: Courtesy Only
Leggings : Courtesy AllenSolly
Bag: HiDesign
Shoes : Orange Bicycle
Silk Scarf: Khadi Bhandar

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