Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Orange Bicycle

This has been overdue for a really long time , Visited this place months ago .Had heard about The Orange Bicycle from too many people and had been meaning to check this place out ,however i waited long enough only to be coxed by Spardha (it's Uber Chic) who was vacationing in Bangalore .She had made up her mind to check the place out and thank fully made a very reluctant Ruhi and I check the place out as well .

Below are the just pictures of the exterior of the shop which is so tastefully done . Initially the exterior of the shop was just Orange in color but later on a lot of things were painted on it coz children kept confusing it be some kinda store for them  says Torsha one of the founders of the place .

Do come back tomorrow for more details about the store and directions to get there.


  1. Oh I remember seeing you and this fab store in Spardha's blog. Love the vibe :)

  2. I love what I see.

  3. nice place!!! where is it?????

  4. Loved ur blog!!!I am addicted eagerly waiting for tommorow:-)
    your visit would be encouragement for me

  5. The exteriors look fab!

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