Wednesday, December 29, 2010


When the year end approaches seems like everyone goes through some kind of nostalgia. For me it's always about places I've visited and people I've met .Nothing like ending a fabulous year on a colorful note from pictures clicked during different travel expeditions . The mixture of pictures explains clearly the state of mind I am in right now.What's it that your experiencing  ?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Suspended Trousers

Wearing Remanika trousers,thrifted tee ,self made suspenders,shoes Delhi, bag Jaipur

I spend countless evenings chatting with friends about where life's headed and what needs to be done so i can say i have some future plans.Maybe if i spent half that time doing something instead of channeling my energy on planning and talking i will never have to worry about the future. Today was one such evening, after some interesting conversation with tea by the window booth at a favorite cafe loitered around a bit and found this really pretty church, looked like they were having an extended Christmas. Have you guys begun stressing over New Year's and what too wear ?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bat Woman Shirt


As announced yesterday i was on Radio Indigo chatting with Shweta Rao about Vintage Obsession . Thanks to all my sweet readers for tunning in, it was so sweet of you guys to send SMS's during the show :-)
Will try to upload the recording of the show .It was so much talking about the blog, fashion and Christmas eve plans . Hope you guys had a Happy Christmas .

with RJ Shweta Rao
wearing Splash Shirt , thrift stockings boots from Honk Kong and jewelery all over the place 

P.S If you feel like playing Someone's "not so secret "Santa then you can help a friend of mine and a NIFT student in winning the  Wills Lifestyle contest .All you guys have to do is Like her design on there page 
Click this link here" Wickedest Thing Ever " Do vote for her .

Friday, December 24, 2010

ON Radio Indigo Today

Will be on Radio Indigo  by 11-30 Am today chatting about Vintage Obsession. I know I'm announcing this really late but all my Bangalore readers do tune in :-)

Will most certainly do a What I wore post in the evening and tons of new stuff coming up on the Blog Shop as well so do come back for more :-)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ain't That Just Like A Women

Women are so interesting and complex beings hence it's super fun to photograph them,no matter what they do it's perfect and i'm not even a feminist. These are a few memorable pictures . Some of these cost me either 5 bucks each or a pot of tea. Oh women here are demanding and get what they want and i thought i was the queen of tantrums.  The whole process of randomly clicking around was so insightful, like the women painting there houses, I was just so surprised to see women painting there own houses here ,this one lady told me how men's wrist isn't flexible enough therefore it's primarily a women's job which was such a sharp contrast with  this family of 30 members i met where other than the super old women everybody else are to be completely covered including the face while getting photographed  .Lastly meet some very excited group of  Korean women who were generally fascinated by everything around.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Geeky Fashion

I'm not big fan of waiting for my turn to go the trial room while shopping .Most of my purchases are based on assumptions, exactly why i have to at times make multiple visits to the store for exchanges .However this  new innovation from Google is truly  brilliant and so apt for people like me. Maybe with time exact sizes can also be checked virtually .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Convertible Bag

I'm back in Bangalore finally after an awesome time . I've so many pictures to share with you guys from the amazing people and places i meet and saw.

However the sad part part of the trip was had to say RIP to 2 of my favorite shoes but found an amazing bag which can be worn as a bag or doubled as a belt . I quite liked the ending 

P.S Vintage Obsession is featured in the  December issue of Grazia , haven't been able to post a scanned version of the article yet but you guess should definitely grab the copy 

PiC Location : All over Udaipur

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hip Hippie's

Met a bunch nomadic travelers or more popularly "Hippie's" they were a group of 5 people from Spain globe trotting from the past 6 years , they make a living on the go to meet all their needs and have finished living in 2 Continents. Their passports could possibly be the next Lonely Planet cover. They offered me to join their group and i must say it was the most tempting part on my trip.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Walking in a Jumping-Suit

Rajastani Thali has done some serious damage , somehow I'm not  complaining :-) At Udaipur now , which  is called the the Venice of India and there's no second thought on that. It's unbelievably pretty .All I've been doing is walking around the city getting lost, eating absolutely delicious delights, yummy chai, chilly mornings and nights absolute bliss.

Picture location : Ruins of an old fort and City Palace where the current king of Udaipur resides , took us 4 hours to just look around . Though parts of the palace is restricted . Apparently if you have to just walk through the entire palace ,will need at-least one whole day.Walking shoes would be so advisable  

Friday, December 10, 2010

Look what i found

Pushkar is one of the most prettiest town ,every twist and turn you take could amount to a pretty scene in a postcard . However all you can do is be amazed by the by-lanes and the shops situated in most bizarre places , since store owners talk only in $ .After aimlessly walking around for almost 3 hours,getting lost , meeting interesting people from all over the world. (meet people from countries i didn't even know existed) I realized it's so much easier to buy "intoxicating smoke" rather than regular girlie shopping .
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