Wednesday, December 29, 2010


When the year end approaches seems like everyone goes through some kind of nostalgia. For me it's always about places I've visited and people I've met .Nothing like ending a fabulous year on a colorful note from pictures clicked during different travel expeditions . The mixture of pictures explains clearly the state of mind I am in right now.What's it that your experiencing  ?


  1. Wow! Lovely bright, cheery & colorful.....these pix sure stir up a whirlwind of emotions & must be feeling the happiness & excitement of those travels when you look at these pix!! Have a rocking 2011 girl! :))

  2. second shot is my favorite! (:

  3. amazing collection. loved the second one.
    wishing you a fantabulous new year ahead!!

  4. Discovered an old playlist in some folder on my laptop. Haven't heard these songs since the middle of 2009. I'm suddenly feeling nostalgic. :(
    Awesome pics! These are memories that you will always cherish. Happy New Year!! *clinks beer bottles* Cheers!

  5. Hey Smrithi...Happy New Year!!!!
    haven't yet received the esprit voucher :(

  6. hello Nidhi . I'am sorry about that ,next time i'll keep in mind not to trust the Indian Postal system . will make up for it and give you the next voucher i receive :) Happy new year


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