Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bat Woman Shirt


As announced yesterday i was on Radio Indigo chatting with Shweta Rao about Vintage Obsession . Thanks to all my sweet readers for tunning in, it was so sweet of you guys to send SMS's during the show :-)
Will try to upload the recording of the show .It was so much talking about the blog, fashion and Christmas eve plans . Hope you guys had a Happy Christmas .

with RJ Shweta Rao
wearing Splash Shirt , thrift stockings boots from Honk Kong and jewelery all over the place 

P.S If you feel like playing Someone's "not so secret "Santa then you can help a friend of mine and a NIFT student in winning the  Wills Lifestyle contest .All you guys have to do is Like her design on there page 
Click this link here" Wickedest Thing Ever " Do vote for her .


  1. Merry Christmas Gorgeous!... i always liked Batman! ... and oh! My Lord! i am finding 'Batwoman' even better! ... :-) congratulations on Radio Indigo... and i wud love to hear ur interview...

  2. Loved the shirt, the satchel, the boots, the jewellery.. Basically everything. You were great on radio. Loved listening to you.

    And voted for your friend.

    Merry christmas.

  3. Smoking Hawt Chica! Love the attitude and the outfit equally! :)

  4. love ur bag u always looking terribly cute

  5. Love your shirt, boots and bag!

    Happy holidays! ★

  6. Each & every piece of the ensemble is awesome!!!! Specially LOVE the shirt, the boots & the pendant (looks like something you picked up from Rajasthan!)!!! :)

  7. love the bag!

  8. love the shirt!! Absolutely ! :)

  9. My favourite! Easily my favourite! Everything. You look hot!


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