Thursday, February 24, 2011

Draped skirt

There's a whole bunch of study material on my table waiting to be finished and i thought i was done with books sigh!!! such an effort not to let my mind wander off and think about all the interesting things i could be doing here in Pune . On my way back by the end of the day on shared auto's all i want to do is take a few more trips up and down so that i can people watch .In a span of 5 km's  at-least 20 people get on and off on the whole , apart from that I've noticed wrought iron benches on the side walk ,where people randomly sit . i want to do that !!! damm !!! the luxury of time . It would be super fun to sit there with a camera .Like this wasn't enough my friends have been suggesting some awesome-ly interesting cafe's i should visit.The weather doesn't really help either at-least if it was hot i could just sulk and sit inside but it's perfect "feels like going out " weather .Things don't really seem to be adding up like the way i hoped . Keeping my figures crossed for some spare time so i could do them all .

p.S pictures from the era when time was all i had

P.P.S Ruhi Just told me that I'am in this months Cosmopolitan ,blogs to book mark or something like that , don't know where to buy magazines here,will post more as soon as i get a copy .Getting super lazy at this need post the Grazia article scan from December , Society Magazine's article from the January issue also the Radio Indigo interview clip soon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

bow-Tie Pants

First of all thanks to all the uber sweet welcome to Pune mails ,I'am so touched . 
There is tons of work to be done hence the sporadic nature of posts and sadly MTS plug in has poor signal,  so it's getting quite difficult to stay in touch . The last month in Bangalore loads of picture clicking happened so i'am going to be posting that for a while also hoping there would be some free time soon enough to explore the city and click pictures here.  
P.S spotted PROMOD sadly i won't have any time to hit there on going sale

Trousers Tibetian Market bangalore, Top:Lifestyle ,Shoes :Orange bicycle: Gloves Marks&Spenser 

Friday, February 18, 2011


Going away sure seems to be fun when friends shower you with gifts, and throw awesome parties and take you on a vacation just to say good bye. Would have gone away more often .I'm just bummed i won't have my awesome friends to pamper me in Pune . People who promised me about the Pune trip better make it here soonish.
P.S First day in Pune and I'm quite liking it , Koregaon Park my current host is such a pretty place, just realized Forbes , Tata's and Thackrey's are my neighbours cannot wait to stalk them already .
and for all those of who mailed me so sweetly about how Pune has such a Bangalore Vibe i totally agree. 
P.P.S pictures are from when i was still in Bangalore

wearing :Jumpsuit:SheHive, Top:Show Off, Brogues:Vintage Obsession Shop: Belt, Neck-piece  -local Market Bangalore,Sunglasses:Marks& Spenser;Rings:Gift  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Neeta Lulla Show

The Neeta Lulla show was the finale , honestly it wasn't as impressive as i was hoping it would be , apart from the detailing there really wasn't much to look forward to in the whole collection was quite predictable and already done with. However the head accessories was quite nice .

Looks like blue, white & chiffon is the matra for spring summerthis year , hmm didn't we know that already 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spotted @ Bangalore Fashion Week

The pretty Girls from Radio Indigo Shweta Rao &Melodee Austin  with whom we hung out an had a blast through out the evening .

Shweta's  tattoo & her Fedora if I'm not wrong is from Forever New

Had an interesting discovery , the pretty lady above told me about the secret hideout from where she got her pretty pretty dress made from. Will dig into it soon.

NIFT Bangalore student who managed to find these awesome pair of printed trousers from Splash , somehow i never do , The tattoo on her back is a Buddhist hymn.

Lace Love - Was Uber excite to find somebody else embracing the lace gloves ,sadly i couldn't get any information from her since she did not speak the language 

I must have asked her name at-least 4 times but sadly can't seem to remember now. She was very surprised to know that fashion blogging was an existing phenomena in India .Her and skirt is from Thailand and I'm assuming so is she . 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY : Multi-task with products lying just around the corner

A) Re-purpose  spare buttons to hold earrings , since most of them have two holes . Makes it easier to segregate them on the dresser.

B) Want to wear black but has tons of lint on it ? Fret not , Use either unused Tooth Brush or Eyebrow brush to clean them.

C) Yellow Nails due to prolonged Nail Polish usage ? Scrub nails with Tooth Paste. Since it has bleaching properties ,will restore the original color. 

D) Cannot find your Hair Rollers ? Use empty toilet paper cartons as rollers and secure hair with bobby pins  once the hair is rolled.

E)  If your out buying new nail color but cannot test the color since your nails are already painted. Use clear tape . Apply a thin coat on the tape to test color.

F)  Secure buttons on your shirt by applying a thin coat of transparent nail polish on the thread used to sew them , The nail Polish acts as an adhesive preventing the thread from snapping.

Monday, February 7, 2011

What I wore- Bangalore Fashion Week

 Fashion Week finally happened for me was quite fun , went there not knowing what to expect.Reached by around 5 in the evening . Anuradha Paul ,  Neeru's , Pam and Arch the last and one of the best shows Neeta Lulla was yet to happen. Got to watch the shows after which did some post show analysis on Radio Indigo.Apart from meeting some incredible people got to chit chat with some super talented new designers in the exhibition area.All of that coming up soon here . 

Here's what i wore for the evening . Wearing a self made raw silk dress , Jacket from Mango Shoes from Orange Bicycle ,Bag Mango

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vintage Obsession @Bangalore Fashion Week

Vintage Obsession is invited to the the last and final day of the on going Bangalore Fashion week, Attending all the shows with fellow blogger and friend Republic Of Chic. Quite excited since it's the first of any fashion event i would be attending. After which will be voicing our opinions on Radio Indigo with RJ Shweta.. Have butterflies in my stomach about this . Going to be an incredible experience for sure . I'm already stressing over what to wear .

P.S come back for tons of pictures tomorrow 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dhothi & Suspenders

A dated picture of my Dhothi&Suspenders was for some reason in hiding. Must be at-least a couple of months old.Going through some old pictures reminds me of all the stories i have lived through the blog, every single post that has had me in the middle of the road clicking pictures has a story behind it. Taking pictures with mum or 2 of my closest friends is something I'm going to terribly miss while in Pune . 

During this particular shoot i was so sure i would be eaten up by the mud beneath, it was monstrous then got followed by some creeps on the bike and when we decided to run away our vehicle got stuck in the all the slush. So that was that for the day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Suspending Love

VIntage OBsession is in the midst of packing it's trunk to move to Pune temporarily(Sadly and ironically not for a vacation coz thats the only reason I've ever left Bangalore) think for about 3 months ,hopefully not more. It's so difficult to pack your entire world and that too limit the baggage to just about 20 KG.I'am thinking of sweet talking some close friends and family into travelling with me so i don't have to decide on which of my favorite shoes need not adorn the streets of Pune.

In other news I've been making tons of new clothes for myself since i cannot make any for another 3 months . It's kind of an addiction of late. Maxi dresses to tops to more Maxi  skirts , so much waiting to be posted here

Wearing self made suspenders
Shirt from H&M
Diesel Jeans
Boots from Woodlands
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