Tuesday, February 22, 2011

bow-Tie Pants

First of all thanks to all the uber sweet welcome to Pune mails ,I'am so touched . 
There is tons of work to be done hence the sporadic nature of posts and sadly MTS plug in has poor signal,  so it's getting quite difficult to stay in touch . The last month in Bangalore loads of picture clicking happened so i'am going to be posting that for a while also hoping there would be some free time soon enough to explore the city and click pictures here.  
P.S spotted PROMOD sadly i won't have any time to hit there on going sale

Trousers Tibetian Market bangalore, Top:Lifestyle ,Shoes :Orange bicycle: Gloves Marks&Spenser 


  1. These pants seem familiar! ;)
    They were a great buy!! And those chappals are fabulous! Am really wishing I could shop some more with you!!

    Hope you are enjoying Pune.......take care... :)

  2. You look fab :) the red beady hair band and everything. Really nice!! Hope ur having fun in Pune.

  3. I love these pants and the one glove idea is genius

  4. I love your style!! And shoes are the best! :)


  5. Welcome to Pune :) Hope you feel at home soon here. Love those shoes and love you look with your hair pulled back :)

  6. Very cute choker. Love the entire look!


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