Thursday, February 24, 2011

Draped skirt

There's a whole bunch of study material on my table waiting to be finished and i thought i was done with books sigh!!! such an effort not to let my mind wander off and think about all the interesting things i could be doing here in Pune . On my way back by the end of the day on shared auto's all i want to do is take a few more trips up and down so that i can people watch .In a span of 5 km's  at-least 20 people get on and off on the whole , apart from that I've noticed wrought iron benches on the side walk ,where people randomly sit . i want to do that !!! damm !!! the luxury of time . It would be super fun to sit there with a camera .Like this wasn't enough my friends have been suggesting some awesome-ly interesting cafe's i should visit.The weather doesn't really help either at-least if it was hot i could just sulk and sit inside but it's perfect "feels like going out " weather .Things don't really seem to be adding up like the way i hoped . Keeping my figures crossed for some spare time so i could do them all .

p.S pictures from the era when time was all i had

P.P.S Ruhi Just told me that I'am in this months Cosmopolitan ,blogs to book mark or something like that , don't know where to buy magazines here,will post more as soon as i get a copy .Getting super lazy at this need post the Grazia article scan from December , Society Magazine's article from the January issue also the Radio Indigo interview clip soon.


  1. Haha even your writing reveals how busy you are...are you holding your sandwich in one hand, tucking your juice/tea/coffee tumbler in your arm, wearing glasses, running around collecting your phone, keys, etc, while you type using the other hand, off and on?! :)

    Have fun, hon. Pune is a really fun place to be. I had fun there for the short while that I was there. Plus, how much closer can you get to Bombay than that? ;)

    Cute look--the entire fusion thing.

  2. That skirt looks interesting! Loving the belt & ring!!!

    Congratulations for the Cosmo article.....will check it up soon!!

    Enjoy hard.......& party harder!!! :))

  3. awesome! n cosmo u'll get newhr in pune.. well not evrywhr :P but if u r in deccan area u'll get book vendors der.. infact ders one opp 2 goodluck cafe (must-visit place :D) have supa fun in pune!!!:) :)

  4. Heyyy Smrithi, abs vibrant post again..
    Poor darl, How Im rearing to go and do all that you just mentioned above too. :)
    Yes, TIME is what we want NOW!
    AND if ur anywhere close to Parihar Chowk youll spot a book vendor on th ecorner diagonally opp. to Parihar Sweets. Or there's Crosswords to get ur copy from on ITI road....
    OR better still let me lay my hands on a copy for you!
    Cosmo-Feb, is it????
    WOW..congratulations girl..Mwahs n hugs

  5. love the skirt and the belt and you look beautiful with your hair open .. :)

  6. nice belt n the shirt n the bag... and the black top! he.. he.. great combo all in all! and congrats on the cosmo feature:) have fun in pune too...

  7. i am totally lalchaoing at the pink bag !! its sooo me :) achaa listen i am gonna call you now !!

  8. You look very nice. I found your blog from HHC and have been a follower ever since. You have a very quirky sense of fashion and I love it that you are truly an original! Happy that you are becoming famous now.:) Way to go, girl.

  9. Congratulations on all those features! Love your shoes : )

  10. hi gal, u shifted to Pune?? when i met polka princess last month, she mentioned that u were shifting

    loving the bag and the white ring, the skirt is fab too...but i guess since its not to my body type im not noticing it that much!!


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