Friday, July 30, 2010


Remember this ? Here's a very sweet reader who made this look so much better than it already is

I must say i don't look half as good in person  as the illustration here. Oh i should totally start posing like the "ME "in the illustration

Illustration of some more bloggers

Karishma-I'm too sexy for my shirt
Tanvi-The fabulous Life of not so rich and infamous
Holly/sally-Hippie by heart-thinks fashion is art
Me Me Me
Lalah- Lalah is here

I'm sure all of you here want to meet the Uber talented girl in question .

Meet the gorgeous Arthi Verma from Art-Meets-Fashion. Illustrations is just one of her many talents. She does a lot of hand painting work as well ,like the bag in the picture.Arthi is an art teacher (I've seen art teachers only in movies,i finally know one )who also has a diploma in fashion designing ,She loves to paint (like we already don't know that) travel ,photography ,clay jewelery .
She is planning on starting her own label. Here's wishing you all the luck lady :-)
You think this is good ?? nope  ... scroll down for one of the most fascinating ,intricate works i have seen till date 

 Thats HAND PAINTED as well .How awesome-ly talented is she ?? Also made me realize -This Is Humanly possible .!!!!

*Whistles*  because i have limited vocabulary.Clay jewelery by Arthi.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Prints- Where art thou ?

Prints have been an integral part of my closet for as long as i remember, my mother got me into the habit. Of late however i realized they have evaded  my closet .So here's a conscious effort to embrace them and fetch-em back .  

I'm trying to pull of a Kallol Dutta with this fabric. Currently at the tailors making up its mind about what it  really wants to be .

Got this Tie-Dye Fabric a while ago. Now its my favorite jumpsuit .

Found this really pretty summer dress hidden somewhere in the depths of my closet exactly why i need a crash course in closet management.

Latest find from scullers

Pair of clips with channel prints from Pantaloons

I still haven't paid for these trousers but have been living in them

Friday, July 23, 2010

Jump Suit it UP

It was a day of Packages today , One from Pantaloons and the other from Karishma .
While browsing some random sites i came across Pantaloons site , if you shop online in there site you get an additional  15% discount on what's normally available in the retail shop. These trousers are my first online purchase from an Indian Site .

The very sweet Karishma sent the Vest over , well i haven't even thanked her properly for this . Most of you already know her from her blog "I'm too sexy for my shirt" . I'm loving how i don't have to move an Inch to buy anything .Click of a button and a phone call does it. Thanks Karishma .

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trend Alert: Denims and Khaki

Denims are back like never before .They have invaded closets in all forms. Bags, shirts rompers , Jumpers, Jodhpur style,shoes,Belts,suspenders.The omni present jeans. You name it and its available . I couldn't help but be a bit carried away .Have stacked up about 4 different types of jean shirts,Now i'm at logger heads about how to style them differently .In the previous post you saw how i wore one of the shirts.

When i saw these men in "The Sartorialist"I knew what i would do with my dark blue denim shirt.Though Khaki and denims seems like a killer idea I decided to wear mine with cream cotton slacks.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Designer inspiration : Tanvi Kedia

When i stumbled upon designer Tanvi Kedia's collection "South Of The Border West Of The Sun".I was beyond impressed .The collection  has a heavy ethnic influence in terms of colors, designs and cuts. The riot of colors and prints is what got me excited to begin with.However more than the clothes i was completely mesmerized by her shoe collection which is basically hand embroidered sneakers ,with bright colors like green ,orange ,pink  and so on .

Sadly the work of most of the Indian designers are not easily available online ,I couldn't find a decent picture of the shoes. Its really sad that none of the official fashion week pages have them either.

Color oh! So colorful shoes

Monday, July 19, 2010

Utility Jean Shirt

Shirts are something i own in abundance ,they are the easiest to mix and match and could be worn in so many ways . While in a hurry and have no time to stand in front of the closet and wonder  what to wear i normally would  pull out a shirt some accessories to match  and walk out . Today was one such day , I had to meet a friend in 10  mins at a coffee shop close to home. 

The denim bag with the denim shirt looks in Unison as if it's one . The real reason to carry it though is however a different one.The bag happens to be one of my recent purchases  and i'm obsessed with any new addition in my closet , I carry it all the time till i'm bugged of it.

The Shirt was worn in THIS POST before and the boots were worn HERE

These boots were the first pair of boots to walk into my closet about 5 years ago, The weird  part is the leather is kind of shredding though i maintained it well , It's kind of making me depressed .
Shirt: Commercial Street
Boots: Woodlands
Bag: Mango

Sunday, July 18, 2010

High Waist and Trousers

Some of my favorite shopping joints basically looks like the trunk of a car . A yesteryear designer runs a small garage shop a stone throw away from home for the love of clothes. My evening walks always include a quick look inside the place. Some of the stuff in there are 2 decades old but he's maintained them so well like they were made yesterday. Also he has a story behind every design .

For the longest period i have been eying these high waisted jeans ,which he says are from his good old days  when he had just started of . Was coaxing  him to sell them to me in vain for a long time . The trousers are way to good to be just  nostalgia and they so deserve to see the 21st century was what i had been telling him. But he hung on to them no matter what i said. I go there pretty often so we kind of know whats been happening with each other, I have been going through a very rough phase .He was touched by whats been happening  and this was his way of cheering me up . 

P.S of late my purchases have a story behind them,which makes every single piece in my wardrobe so special.

Top: Pondicheery
Belt : LifeStyle
Bag: Mango

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dhothi Trousers

Going through an extremely black and paranoid phase right now. It will take me a while to post personal pictures 

Meanwhile lets meet Latha Naidu you have already met her sister HERE and HERE. She was extremely sweet enough to take time of while having some fun with friends , click pictures and send it over . 
As usual she was impeccably styled and looked as gorgeous.

These trousers are available at 4th block Jayanagar complex .I don't know which shop exactly . It costs about 300-350 Rs ,depends on how good you are at bargaining . 

When Latha sent me these pictures about 2 weeks ago and told me where to find them.The first thing i did was marched down to Jayanagar and bought them . 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Viktor And Rolf

When i first saw these images I thought somebody had run a lawn mover on the dresses . These are Viktor and Rolf outfit shoots for the February issue of dazed and confused ( 2010).Its been said that the Dutch duo have never played it safe . The fact remains that they can never really worn however It truly is  futuristic in design  . I'm sure the draping , cutting sewing of dresses like these are a mammoth task.Every time i went through these pictures sitting in one my folders they looked like cryptic puzzles. I have been looking out for there sketches in vain .  Hmm now i only wish there were wearable versions of these.

On an other note would any of you wear one of these dresses ,just like it is. ??

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Go Green

After a long time i was totally free on a Saturday. Went for a long drive in the evening with some friends ,Some retail therapy later on and lip-smacking Dosa for dinner Ah what a fruitful Saturday . Now i have a date with my DVD player and couch. 
What did you guys do ?

P.S do check the sale at Mango & Splash Pronto.

Top: Thrifted
Jodhpur look alike: Jodhpur(clock tower market)
Mismatched flip flops :Westside
Shrug: Splash
Bag : Courtesy Neil Dantas

The Bags are priced at 500 Rs . For more bags do check Neil Dantas's work HERE. Or you want to get in touch with him  ,then drop in an email

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The new trouser trend (supposedly )

I am normally a huge fan of trousers that are a little weird .While browsing the street style blogs i came across these trousers , which  caught my attention immediately( Stockholm  street style ).I have drawn a lot of inspiration from this particular  blog but  I can honestly say i loathe the wide leg /tight leg/i don't know what its meant to be trousers , They are marked to be the next big thing apparently .Aren't they ruining her body image .Or is it just me ?

What do you guys think ? should this trend stay or should they be banished and hung immediately ?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Accessory cravings

These Bags are so funky and cool , totally heart the book-ish  bag,The colorful clutch is so ideal for all the little things inside the bag that i never seem to find .

Now how cool would it it be to strut around with a telephone bag

My E-bay account is forever logged in these days ,have been constantly checking for these dual/overlapping sunglasses from Dolce and Gabbana .

So perfect for the  Monsoons

Camera Pendants  available at etsy (8USD)
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