Monday, March 28, 2011

Jean Dress

I lived all my life in Bangalore ,then no fashion bloggers event happened there , now that i moved to Pune i have one new invite every week to experience something super cool , most of the invites very kindly ask if i want to attend it in Bangalore or in Mumbai .Next time Pune maybe :) However I'am planning to visit Mumbai over the week end to attend a couple of interesting events and meet a whole bunch of people ,really hoping my plan isn't jinxed this time 

Wearing : Self made Lace shirt , boots from Hong Kong, dress :don't remember  

Friday, March 25, 2011


Currently wants to follow the "UFO religion ",Sing Pariquel by Peter cat recording at a Karaoke Bar ,Read random one-liners about Rajnikanth and say LOL in my head and out aloud.Will be the clown living on the 2nd floor.Want to use my camera which is currently on a vacation and write stories about what it did there.Sew lacy  fingerless gloves in gold.Meanwhile find this perfect person who  would buy me some filter coffee and needs to urgently find a really cool pair of dark violet pants.Oh but shouldn't i be writing about fashion and talk about it like it's just for the immortals ?

Wearing : Self made Maxi Skirt , Tee from Lifestyle , Some really generous people sent the gloves, Boots:Tibetian Market

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Off late the highlight off my evenings are  finding the  perfect cafe which serves the most delicious mouth watering hot -Chocolate-Walnut pie and yummy coffee in cute little mugs .Makes me wanna turn this into a food blog.Once this is done taking a long random walk to find a small little store which has all kinds of neon nail paints .Then finding a book-lending store  and the lady who owns it turns out to be this  absolutely charming and oh so swell  , has some brilliant stories to share about some super interesting travel chronicles person ,these encounters gives me hope  "you can break my  dreams but not my spirit  "so much for my  perfect ending .

P.S coincidently these pictures were in front of a really cool book-store in Bangalore  

 Wearing   Top:Code, Bow Trousers : Tibetian Market , Belt: Mango , Bag :HiDesign ,Gloves :Courtesy some really cool store on E-Bay, Shoes :E-bay 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Maxi Skirt

 I'am missing some of my favorite people in the world and my lovelies -doggies like crazy . Apart from that i miss Bangalore coz it lets me  wear red/violet wayfarers , long maxi skirts and some crazy shoes, walk around all over town without being starred at like some crazy person from Uganda , oh yes people here keep asking me if thats where I'am from ,now i just nod and say yeah yeah thats right . Initially i thought it was a made up place apparently not .So much about the all the updates  , will have to get back to some non-consensual study material reading .So long .
P.S :if your looking for some consensual reading Ella Minnow Pea is your book . 

Wearing :Maxi skirt :Marks&spenser, Top :Marks&Spenser , Boots:Woodlands , Bag :Hidesign, 
      Gloves :Marks&Spenser, Belt:Mango

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


If i had to come up with one word that  described the feeling in my head off late ,rather the past month i would say "snooze" . Perpetually sleepy and hungry .I watched 2 movies back to back this weekend while in the same state of mind , movies make more sense that way you know. One of them was this Persian feature film called Mirror ,absolutely loved it .The movie stops half way when this little girl who is the main lead refuses to act anymore just coz she doesn't feel like it however  the movie continues as the producers decide to secretly film her after she leaves the set and thinks she's one her own. Absolute drama queen she turns out to be .It's supreme and a must watch  

Silk Top:Code ,Shorts :Louis Phillipe , brogues: E Bay ,Bag: Mango, Sunglasses : Ray-ban,Belt :Safina Plaza  

Sunday, March 13, 2011


In the past year I've realized that a camera which is remotely fancy looking can make people act like absolute nut cases in front of you since for some reason the person holding it according to most  folks is almost always somebody who can make you famous , splash your face across front pages of magazines and papers . Something similar happened when we went to click some pictures at this Dhobhi Ghat place . Initially they wouldn't let us click pictures coz they were scared we would reveal the top secret ingredient being used here while washing clothes or something like that but within minutes it changed (read a glimpse of my camera) So basically I had them convinced that there 15 mins of fame was starring right at them .The price that had to be paid was i had click pictures of everybody at this place washing clothes/themselves their kids, aunties uncles ,family portraits .After all the madness ended i was finally happy to indulge in some narcissistic behavior. 

Wearing Self Made Cape, Dress : Lifestyle, Boots : Hong Kong , Stocking :Delhi 
Watch : Courtesy Fashion & You , Belt : Safina Plaza (Bangalore)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Forever New

One of the main highlights of moving to Pune was I thought I'll get to visit Mumbai and all the fun places around (read Goa). Also I was super thrilled about the Lakme Fashion Week.Had some really awesome passes for all the shows happening over the next 2 days  and i cannot believe It's not happening for me . I was ready to fly down all the way from Bangalore for this a couple of months ago but now that I'am a few hours away it's even more depressing that I'am not going . I had a like an awesome plan n stuff,  first there was breakfast planned at Cafe Leopold then a stroll down Colaba ,catch up with all the my friends there , Damm !! Should find somebody quickly here to donate the passes to. I really don't wanna use them as bookmarks .

Wearing :: Forever New top, Remanika trousers,TresMode shoes,Bag Pondicherry ,Belt Mango 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This was taken the evening i left Bangalore , Ruhi and I met up did exactly the same things we always do together , first clicked some pictures and later hung out at one our favorite cafe's and chatted for hours till i realized i would miss my flight . Ahhh !! how i miss doing nothing . 

Every-time i wear these trousers here in Pune for some reason people keep asking me if it's from China , now I keep wondering if it's an honest Pune question or i genuinely look like an absolute "nut case" in them .

(Wearing: Top :Mango Boots: Tibetian Plaza,Trousers:Code,Bag :Orange Bicycle ring -gift,Belt:Safina Plaza)

I know i promised the Orange Bicycle post a hundread years ago but it's just i had to share this amazing bag which has walked into my closet again from the same place. Shweta Rao's ( Stalk Her Here) Oh so sweet going away gift for me.After a long hard days work she managed to find this store buy something i had always wanted and made it to my so called "going away party" so it was an overdose of sweetness that night.Thanks a ton Shweta now i can strike one of "wanted" items from my wish list.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday ritual

It's been a while since i dusted my camera , absolutely randoms shots of what i wore yesterday, Pune debut .This whole process in Bangalore used to be so much fun though half the time i would land up bickering like a first grader( this one time i'am very sure i was super close to pulling hair pinching and running away) with who ever was clicking pictures for me coz they wouldn't do telepathy so no mind reading happens hence pictures in my head don't transfer as results on my LCD screen .There were times when  some super funny things would happen as well. Now i really appreciate all the the help i had ,some from super awesome friends at times  mum and did my best to bully my brother as well basically anybody who would put up with all my tantrum throwing .

P.S spotted my first spec of grey so depressing ,thought i had to be at-least a 160 for that

                   jean trousers - Splash , Shoes - Bata , Belt&choker - Safina Plaza 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 Things

This year on my list of "to do" places is Leh/ Ladhak .I'am really hoping to go the The confluence this year. Last year one of my cousin sister and I were supposed to go but the cloud burst ,burst our bubble and nothing happened. The whole morning was spent day dreaming about this and now it's here as well. Vibhuti and I are planning on an awesome sizzler dinner date tonight so in all it's been a good day to be dreaming .Maybe now i should go out a bit and experience the real world 

Have been dreaming of most of the  things in the pictures above as well , they are all missing me back in Bangalore .

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


 I think my " i'am in love with Pune" stint is kinda old news now, latest is i'am not sure anymore . Somebody just told me today that temperatures here, in summer reaches around 40 C. Which means a lot of cranky days ahead of me . However found a store which retails filter coffee powder how cool is that now ,ummm so may be it won't be so bad after-all 

P.S Am I boring you'll already with these shoes ?? well ,last post with them for at-least 2 months since i didn't pack them . However up next will feature the store i got them from . So may be you can rush there and buy something already and Hmmm send something over maybe ???

Shoes: Orange Bicycle , trousers & sunglasses: Mango  Shirt : Splash

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Balloon skirt

While at home in Bangalore there was so many things i would just take for granted like Internet , inverter, hot yummy dinner the list can just drag from here . Now i actually realize that they were luxuries and not basics, my data card for some reason stopped working and ever since I've been using a computer that belongs to the manual computer booting time zone.I have to climb 4 floors for that as well and i need to rest after 2 floors.

Inspite of the fact that i had so much to do i finally managed to sneak around the city for an awesome dinner at this divine place called Malaka Spice and all thanks to one of my first blogger friends "Vibhuthi" (You can stalk her here.Hmm did i mention soon to be writer)Who very sweetly picked me up from my place and suggested we had to go grab dinner there.Must say Pune sure looks heavenly on a saturday night or i don't know if it was the company .

P.S this is not what i wore though :)

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