Thursday, September 30, 2010

DIY : Cape

Recently on a shopping trip i saw capes like this but as usual they were ridiculously priced , this with a host of other expensive discoveries was my inspiration to join sewing classes which finally paid off . This is one of my first creations ,after ruining  meters of fabric finally got it right . Cutting the fabric  was the biggest challenge for me though it was a very simple  cut.

After the deluge of sweet e-mails from my encouraging readers i have decided to make this for anybody who's interested .

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pretty Women

Meet Adiba and Durga (Hope i have their names and spellings right ) . Design Students from Srishti School Of Design .Girls and cycles - super hot combination . I totally forgot to ask where they where headed on a sunny afternoon though.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Where Over The Rainbow

Well, I see
Tress of Green
An red roses too
I'll watch them bloom
For me and you
And i think to myself 
Oh what a wonderful world

This is one of the paragraphs from a favorite song of mine "Some where over the rainbow" .I think this should  be the new world peace song .

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Street Style: Of Crisp Shirts and Bright Shoes

I had just finished an animated conversation about shoes when i noticed Praveen . There was his bright green and yellow shoes staring right at me from across the table.  I normally don't come across a lot of guys who are comfortable wearing colors and pulling it off pretty well . I've always wondered what stories do shoes tell. Is there a way of telling your thought for the day/mood based on the shoes .Basically trying to dish out a Cinderella story lost in the mundane-ness of everyday life

This is exactly what i asked Praveen , i went up to him and narrated a whole paragraph trying to act all intellectual and as somebody who was trying to figure out the complexity behind SHOES. I had been planning on writing a series about shoes where i try to figure out what someone's up to based on Footwear and if it meant something in the context of that particular day also if there is a story behind picking out a particular pair of shoes before heading out .

I was expecting an equally long paragraph as an answer but He had the most simplest explanation, his brother wore the shoes he was planning on wearing hence he decided to wear his Puma also because he likes the bright colors in them (Extremely Impressive) 

While in the middle of a conversation ( very patiently answered all my questions ) discovered that he is a professional model/actor also, was one of the contestants on Truth Love Cash on Channel V , lent his face to a lot of commercials (Namely Appy Fizz , Vysya Bank,frooti, KFC ,Phillips and a lot more) And has acted in the movie "Lets Kill Gandhi " . 

He had just got back to Bangalore after some grilling work . Also he had attended a couple of meetings and  auditions earlier that day so he thought the bright colors would make up for the drained out energy .(Brilliant isn't it) , this explained his shoes for me ,though it wasn't a conscious decision the shoes so clearly reflected his state of mind for the day.

Is there a story behind yours ?

This was one of my first street style photo-shoot  and was so much fun ,thanks to Praveen for being such a sport . 

Monday, September 20, 2010


Have been lusting after jumpsuit's for a while now .However i'm a little wary of the price tags(Check HERE) that i see on ASOS, Net-A-Porter and other online shops.Since i had to give-in to the cravings without burning a hole in the pocket decided to get them made. Tie and dye fabric was something i wanted to experiment with for a while now .Given my cravings for a jumpsuit decided this should be one of the first things i should try . 

Wearing self designed Jumpsuit with bag from levitate and sandals from Lifestyle

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Little Black Lace-Y Dress

Most of the clothes i like exist only in the virtual world , if i have to get them into real world it would mean spending a broken Fixed deposit  . When i saw this pretty dress over at Mango(Mango Lace Dress) my heart broke into a million pieces since it was 8000 Rs .  So i decided if i cannot afford it I will make it .My very own Lacy LBD 

Wearing self designed dress and belt (tutorial for the belt is HERE

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bubble Dress

August 21 st was Earth Overshoot  day the significance of this day ? to remind we humans that we have used up this year .Once we pass this day, humanity will have demanded all the ecological services – from filtering CO2 to producing the raw materials for food – that nature can provide this year. From that point until the end of the year, we meet our ecological demand by liquidating resource stocks and accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Maybe It's time we ask ourselves what little we can do because we won't be saving the plant but saving ourselves .India has absolutley no market when it comes to vintage. This is probably because of the zillion stigma's attached with second hand clothing and the likes . Second hand clothes were synonyms with handing them over to the help we hire .Hence associating the tag poor with it .However thanks to the revival of Vintage Fashion we are fially opening up to the idea .One women's trash is now another women's Vintage .In Britain, secondhand shops and "up-cycling"—taking old clothes and refashioning them with a modern twist—have become hugely popular. This is a perfect example of why I believe fashion has a role to play in helping to confront some of the environmental challenges we face. For this trend is not only about an attraction for retro design and the charm of the old, it is very much about the future. 

So next time i have the "Oh i have nothing to wear "syndrome . I will either tweak an already present outfit and turn it into something new or will try and buy vintage .

P.S I Know This Is A Super Long Post But Prolixity Is My Virtue :-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

High-LY Waist-ED

Tweaked the previous outfit a little thats all .Got rid of the Knotted Top and changed the accessories to go out in the evening . 

Monday, September 6, 2010


My red wayfarers finally arrived . I bought it on E -Bay .Was a little skeptical about buying these wayfarers without the case ,since it was a UK based shop i didn't know if they will arrive in one piece . Almost 3 weeks were up with no signs of these babies,  i thought decent amount of money had bee poured down the drain . Was pretty surprised to see them intact inside since the packaging was horrid . Anyhoo now it's become my trademark . We are inseparable .

High Waisted trousers :Vintage
Top: Akriti
White tee : Delhi
Loafers :Commercial street
Wayfarers: E-Bay

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Balloons in My Skirt

This is the 101 Th post . Getting old business is pretty depressing , my blog and me both. Some divine intervention was necessary ,serious questions needed to be  answered. Or i don't know if this is just the effect of Eat Pray Love the book i finally finished  after a prolonged procrastination .

There is a small history behind this Balloon Skirt .The designer who sold this to me says this was one of the first pieces he ever  made while starting out .He is a grand old man now ,so is the skirt i'm guessing .

Skirt:   Vintage
Shirt:   Thrift-ed
Belt:     Lifestyle
Shoes: Paparika
Clutch: Satsanga Boutique
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