Thursday, May 27, 2010

IndiGreen: Go Bollywood

Bollywood+Fashion+Eco-friendly now isn't that a good concoction. IndiGreen is a relatively new brand launched in India and is owned by Nidhi Singh and her partner Gaurav Gupta. This is one of the funkiest projects i have come across in a long time . 

What is it they do?

Indigreen is Hand-painted Art work on  tee's, dresses, bags jackets and belts.The Brand uses Bollywood as there source of inspiration I.E movie posters.They also have embellished works which is made by the women of SEWA(an NGO). They use Organic cotton so the brand is in tune with the go green mantra.Right now they have limited editions only but Nidhi claims that they never disappoint fans when they come with requests . Take a look at some samples...

There is something about yesteryears posters which immediately gets you hooked. This is a brown tunic with a fun embellished belt .

Now wouldn't this be so chic for an evening coffee or laid back session of chit-chatting with  friends after an evening movie maybe

I would totally wear this for an evening Karaoke.

Wouldn't this be apt for a laid back house party.

Extreme left is Nidhi Singh

This was the launch of IndiGreen in Melange (Bombay), where some of Nidhi's friends had a fun session of trails with the indie green clothes .The collection in Bangalore is available at Kimaya UB City.

If its too hot outside to go shop or your simply lazy ? Indie green has a solution they have an online store as well for more do check there website where you can place orders as well  IndiGreen

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Walkin On A RailRoad

Scarf:                LifeStyle
Shoes:               Commercial Street
Jean Harems:     Splash
Green tee:          Westside
Flower Broach:  Splash
Belt:                  Vintage
Bag:                  Art Exhibition
Location           Malleshwaram Railways Tracks

Saturday, May 22, 2010

DIY Belt

This Belt was one of the first things i ever made.Also its the easiest.

Step 1

Any mesh-ISH kind of material will do. Stitch the sides ,so that it looks like a ribbon with both ends open.

Step 2:

Knot at regular intervals with a button inside ( So it wont roll up)

Step 3

Buy a broach or even better if you could make it yourself and knot it up somewhere along the length
And done!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer Rains

Its been pouring so heavily here in Bangalore .Oh but i am not complaining ,such a relief from the excessive sun.Nothing like the smell of fresh rains . So i had to get out and enjoy the weather gods gift .

This top is another gift from my favorite blogger Dusk Devi .Ever since i have been logger heads about what to team it up with .On a recent visit to splash, these high-waist trousers was love at first sight and i knew it was a perfect match.

Green Shrug:   Splash
Tube Top:       Dusk Devi
Jeans:              Splash
Shoes:             Paparika
Location:        Golf course road

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where To Shop

There are so many places in the city that i frequently visit to quench my thrift thirst. Introducing joints in the city that should be frequently stalked .If you guys are planning on visiting the city or even better are from Bangalore then head straight to Safina Plaza Commercial Street.Its raining discounts there. What you ask ? here is a preview of the madness inside

Monday, May 10, 2010

Vintage Obsession Was featured

The Vintage Obsession was featured in The Deccan Chronicles.Along with Friend, Fabulous Fashionista's and fellow blogger Republic Of Chic.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fashion Featured: Meet the Scholars

 Meet the two scholars from Shillong. When they first told me that they were Anthropology scholars from the university of Shillong studying to get there PHD , all i could think of was Anthropology the brand. The dumb me , then google added some light on it.Bewildered i was . This is one of the classic examples of nerds meet fashion ,fashion meet the geeks oh no but they already know each other and how well. This is not it, they also have there very own fashion blog .There style is a mix of west meet the east or more like we will show you how its done.Do take a look at there blog A bit of out life.

What the scholars are wearing you ask,is it

Scholar 1(first and the second picture):
grey sweater :Dimapur (Nagaland)
Black dress: Delhi
Colorful sling bag:Bangalore
Pink slacks:Delhi
Pep toes: Gauhati
White High neck top: Bangkok
Floral Skirt: Nagaland
Brown sandals : Delhi

Grey dress : Bangkok
White leggings: Bangalore(why can't i find them here)
Stockings: Kalimpong
Blue dress: Bangkok
Bag: Bangkok
Sandals :Delhi
Boots: Anthropology
Silver jewelery is her obsession

I still cannot believe i came back with empty bags from Delhi , sigh!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

DIY Knee length Stockings

I have always loved the knee length socks trend but they  can never really be worn here ,since the weather  in Bangalore never gets very hot neither does it get very cold . So what to do when you want to embrace a style with out getting baked?
Here's what i did , Cut a pair of stockings just above the knee and embroidered tiny dots on them  , Then stitched the elastic to hold them in place , to cover the thick ugly elastic, bought some expandable lace and sewed  it on top . Had to be extremely careful while sewing it since i did not want the stockings to shred.

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