Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fashion Featured: Meet the Scholars

 Meet the two scholars from Shillong. When they first told me that they were Anthropology scholars from the university of Shillong studying to get there PHD , all i could think of was Anthropology the brand. The dumb me , then google added some light on it.Bewildered i was . This is one of the classic examples of nerds meet fashion ,fashion meet the geeks oh no but they already know each other and how well. This is not it, they also have there very own fashion blog .There style is a mix of west meet the east or more like we will show you how its done.Do take a look at there blog A bit of out life.

What the scholars are wearing you ask,is it

Scholar 1(first and the second picture):
grey sweater :Dimapur (Nagaland)
Black dress: Delhi
Colorful sling bag:Bangalore
Pink slacks:Delhi
Pep toes: Gauhati
White High neck top: Bangkok
Floral Skirt: Nagaland
Brown sandals : Delhi

Grey dress : Bangkok
White leggings: Bangalore(why can't i find them here)
Stockings: Kalimpong
Blue dress: Bangkok
Bag: Bangkok
Sandals :Delhi
Boots: Anthropology
Silver jewelery is her obsession

I still cannot believe i came back with empty bags from Delhi , sigh!!


  1. you came back with empty bags from delhi?? i can't believe it either...

    love the boots-from anthropology!! but want to see more of you!! :)

  2. I love well dressed nerds.What's with the cliche of being boring if you are nerdy!Thanks for featuring these guys and their blog!Another goody in my reader :).

  3. I love that pretty floral skirt and the way she combined it with kolhapuris and those fuchsia tights are great.I am a fan of anything fuchsia,a colour most Indians can relate with.

    Some girls can make even a white chudidaar look so good.I wish I had the same panache.

    Shame on you,you came back from Delhi without any shopping :P :P

  4. Wow! They're fab! LOve their style! Love the blue ombre dress and the hot pink leggings!

    ...we're missing you! :(

  5. @ deepika : i still feel like an idiot :)

    @GG: glad you liked it :)i know shame on me :)

    @dusk: will be back with a better version of the thigh high's and an outfit to go with it :) thanks for the love :)

  6. Oooh nice! I didn't really know what Anthropology is too. I'll Google it later.

    Love the pictures. Don't really like the footwear in the second picture from the top. But love the outfits nevertheless!

  7. I just completely like it all....Delhi is my place and is one of the coolest places to shop for fashion accessories and stuffs for college going...VERY NICE Collection :)

  8. Simple awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You got a simply rocking taste!!!

  9. Love their style. Love the pics

  10. Nerds meet fashion is always a success!
    Love the outfit on the second photo!
    Will check out their blog:)

  11. They are both so stylish. xoxo

  12. Scholar 1 is more my kinda :o) I like both her outfits! Second one is good too .. just not for me!!!

  13. @TBG,Leah: aren't they fabulous ?:)

    @Sunaina : i agree:)

    @Anamika,Jso,Vivarjitha, Cute priya: totally stylish right

  14. The first and second outfits are fab!! Loving the splash of color 80's too..I'd totally wear the second one..catching up on all your posts :)


  15. @TF : hope you'll like them all:)

    @Tanvi: so picked your fav:)

    Rachna: Me too:)

  16. lusting after the floral skirt and the blue the bag in the first pic!!! nice pics..will check out their blog!!

  17. ... as if fashionable IT engineers were not enough... we have 'out-of-life' anthropologists as well!... mebbe they can trace when (and how)i 'lost' my fashion genes! :D

  18. i love the bag in the first pic, it`s so like the one i saw Sienna Miller with today, cool:)

  19. Those pink leggings in the 1st pic are incredible - such a vivid colour, they look fab. xx

  20. @ Sonali : you should check them :)

    @Atul: hang around these corners you might trace them somewhere :)

    @SbS: the are a rage here

    @Sarah: agreed:)

  21. wow..i love the first outfit!

  22. ... try to note down the Long&Lat of the 'corners' next time u go for the 'shootout' :p

  23. I simply love the boho desi look of thw whole attire int he third pic...I always wanna try something like...but boho doesnt really go well with me I guess. Or maybe I just dunno how to bring together the whole ensemble. :(

    I am still shuffling through my laptop trynna find something nice to send to you. Need to stand up to this space's diva quotient you see! I hope you wont mind if I am a lil late.


  24. I love everything and I want 'em all..NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  25. @Atul : if i wasn't clear i meant the blog .

    @Cindrella : No problem at all :) but you have to send me one :)

    @Nads: nice having you here :)

  26. @Vintage Obsession: Very stylish indeed...

  27. we have been humbled! much thanks to vintage for introducing us to your circle of friends and followers. xoxo

  28. @L1 and L2 i am so glad you like it:-)

  29. Loved the skirt and hair accesory

    Visit my blog to win a giveaway


  30. true..they r soooooooo gud...!!!...i've put up another poem...hope u like it!!!

  31. @Vivarjitha ,BV - will check in a while :-):-)

  32. All of them!! All of them!! I love all the outfits!! Explains my diverse choice! :) Keep up the showcasing honey! :)

  33. my fav is the 2nd one, i can see myself wearing something like that. actually, all of them are very wearable and fashionable. i love the 2nd one the most cuz of the braids and the rose hehe

    hot stuff :)

  34. love the first outfit especially!


    awards to choose,
    Happy Tuesday!
    I appreciate your friendship!
    lovely photos!

  36. How does one email you?? Don't you want fan mail?;) Lovely lovely blog.


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