Friday, April 29, 2011


Pune is getting unbearably hot , frying my brains hot. I had a short impromptu trip back to my favorite place Bangalore and in the middle of whats supposed to be summer temperature is around 24 degrees and it's raining Damm!! 
The side effect of all the heat is i'am getting really lazy  , there are a tons of posts to be uploaded here 
but laziness happens to be my new word .
Thanks to all the heat i did learn 10 different ways of tying my hair in a chic bun and i'am quite liking it.
P.S Up next will be some super interesting goodies i picked up from Vero Moda ,psybabas and Allen-Solly on my Bangalore trip.So I'am coming back soonish.

Wearing self made Lace Shirt , Dress from Bossini, Wedges from Bata .
P.P.S : i have to thank my lovely mommy for doing some kinda acrobat and clicking these pictures for me ,I soo freaking miss doing this with her.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And we are Back

It's been over a month and it seems the blog managed to survive.Now that i'am back to having all the time in the world posts hopefully shouldn't be sporadic anymore .
P.s  do come back for some interesting brand previews , store features and lot more.

wearing Belt from Mango,
Bag from Hidedesign
Boots from Hongkong
Self made black dress
Jacket local designer
Lace Gloves: Courtesy Victorian Shop

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pleated Skirt

Posts here are getting quite sporadic ,it's just after what looks like a never ending day which includes my weekends, gets a little difficult to come back and schedule a post also the only way of staying connected is to sit on the terrace having non-consensual vampire sex with giant mosquitoes , doesn't really help my case . Apart from that tons of exciting events coming up here so do come  back.

[Skirt: Marks&Spenser Top::Lifestyle clutch : Rajastan ,Shoes:E-bay, Belt Safina Plaza

 Watch:Courtesy Fashion&You ]

Friday, April 1, 2011


Wearing top from Code , Jeans from Splash, Bag: Mango , Shoes E-Bay

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