Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mad Hatter

Introducing The Lensor . After Bruno decided to take a sabbatical from the country . I was scouting .Just when a dear friend suggested he would like to collaborate with me for the blog . Meet Anant , does some incredible photography . Check his Tumblr  The Lensor and his Flickr Anantns for proof

 Is currently obsessed with levitating , taking one picture everyday and eating one orange a day while getting back from his day job.

P.S Up next will post some quick shots we took for fun on a Saturday evening .

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Storage Idea's

Before I buy anything whether it fits in my budget or not isn't the concern.How and where to store it always is.The purchase is made depending on the same . Always scouting for some storage ideas . I hate a stuffy looking house so what I do basically is use tidbits of accessories or hang bags here and there ,Adorn walls with tribal belts and convert them into items of home decor . Right now my computer table has a wine glass filled with finger rings and broaches .

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hot Pants

Did some informal clicking with my new trousers (read FabIndia) and my new lens . This was at some insane hour of the night because I was too lazy to sleep . Cannot wait to shower these trousers with some sunlight . For that they will have to wait for the weekend though. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rachana Reddy Clutches

I've known Rachana Reddy from std 12 , she used to be the only girl I remember who would come dressed  up really crisp and nice for a class at 6 AM so it's no surprise that she happens to be one of the hottest accessory designer around the block . 

I have been bowled over by the designs ever since I saw them at the launch about a year ago or so .
Exquisite ,clean cuts , blend of modern and old world charm is how I would describe Rachana Reddy clutches . Small details like the perfect finishing given to the geometric shapes on the Jali clutches to the perfect butterfly edges are so carefully crafted .Personally I heart the Padma reflection clutch since the idea appeals to me . Absolutely lady like with a touch of vintage . 

 The Jali clutch

The beautiful Krishna Clutch

The Padma reflection Clutch

It's really hard to choose favorites since they are all so good . However there is some good news in store for those of you who cannot wait to own these , There is a sample sale going on right now , rush to her online shop and get buying since the rates are sloshed like crazy more like a Christmas gift I guess. Click on the link to get to the sale now . RACHANA REDDY SAMPLE SALE

P.S sale ends Dec 24 so hurry 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elephants and some caves

I've been visiting Mumbai ever since I was a small girl ,however the Elephanta Caves was some thing I have never done . So on a recent visit just for some kicks decided to visit it , had nothing much to do and the ferry ride looked interesting . So hoped on to one and after like what seemed like an hour and half or so reached the caves didn't expect much but must say it's beautiful , a bunch of caves though badly maintained is quite a pretty sight . Later sat till what seemed like eternity in this lone restaurant that stands there and did Mumbai watching from the other side . 
P.S if you plan on visiting the place make sure you take the last ferry back because the light at that time makes everything look so beautiful. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tripping on Stripes

Bruno and I had fun photo-walk last Friday . It's so much fun to miss work and do these random things , the thrills it gives . Sadly Bruno is of on a vacation visiting exotic countries for three months and he say's he will back in February.  
Apart from that I'm super excited to be clicking some awesome pictures from my lens over the weekend  , brother dearest gifted me new lens for the camera and  it's so precious right now that it sleeps with me on my bed . 

                                                 P.S Picture courtesy Genre Photography .

                                          P.P.S Is introducing someone exciting soon on the blog  :-)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Optical Delusion

The perfect  accessory -- get some prints to splash itself over what your wearing ,in different shapes and sizes every-time There is a confusion with  accessories   . Works always for me . Since there will be so much happening with the prints simple or no accessories will do.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Uncle Karl is showering some love on Bombay

Chanel's Rajasthan inspired show Paris-Bombay is absolutely incredible with rich ensembles and lovely styling with flamboyance thrown all over .Totally heart the jewelry used the belts , broaches et allia . Of course not to forget the gorgeous clothes .This show is a must watch .

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shop A Dress

I have just been introduced to this new fashion store online called . Meet my newest white with gold and perl sequence gauze dress courtesy  DressShop . It's the softest fabric and feels lovely when worn .The fit is just right .It's perfect for coffee in the evening without the jacket and spice it up a little more for say a lovely dinner later at night. Very versatile could be worn in so many ways . Will soon try and do more looks with this. 

Meanwhile check out there other collections , good range of jumpsuits, evening party dresses to ball gowns. The winter collection is going to be up soon ,so register yourselves for more updates . 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cafe Hoping

Cafe hoping is something I've loved to do ,be it whatever city . It so happens that some cafe's leave such an impression on you that a visit there becomes a ritual . Le Pain Quotidien (Colaba)  happens to be one of them. Located near the Gateway Of India in Bombay ,is one of the coziest cafe's i know and a visit to Bombay will be incomplete for me without grabbing a bite here. High wooden  stools ,yummiest bakes and incredible coffee is what you can expect here . 
P.S for all those who like to people watch there's a wrought iron bench right outside the door where you can sit sipping coffee and watching the world go by.

Friday, December 2, 2011


I discovered Tumblr a year ago every since I have been following many a interesting fellows there. OfLate I'm totally addicted to Tumblr and post so often there it's a little surprising . Thanks to this obsession I have been learning a lot of new things about my camera and take at-least one new picture a day . If you have nothing to do on a Friday evening like me drop by my Tumblr      VintageObsesion  (Get Clicking ) 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Temple Towns

The next pit stop on my road trip was Belur followed by Halebeedu more popular known as temple towns both the temples in the these towns have very similar architecture and it's painfully beautiful .On the first look these temples look like they have been built out of  a huge monolithic rock . The dictionary meaning of intricate could have well been defined after a visit to these places . The temple in Belur has a very Vintage Vibe as in modernization hasn't touched it yet however the Halebeedu temple has a pretty lake by the side with a small park along the sides of the temple . You can sit her the whole day with some music and life's good . 
P.S Both these places are surprisingly neat not a spec of dirt ,very impressive . Makes me want to live in another era .

P.P.S Will do a what I wore post next.

Monday, November 28, 2011

French Connection

During Diwali while I was in Bangalore ,was invited to check the FCUK and Calvin Klein Stores in Bangalore . Though I had a tight schedule due to the road trip this was something I had decided to do because FCUK's first stand alone store had finally opened in Bangalore and also I wanted to check the Phoenix Mall in Bangalore near WhiteField . Had a ball visiting the stores and clicking pictures of some of my favorite pieces from the store and of-course mall walking is always fun . So here are some of my favorite picks from the store . 

Friday, November 25, 2011


I was quite sad thinking my sweaters and jackets will never see the real world till i got back to Bangalore but I'm quite glad that I can at-least use them during late evenings and early mornings here as it's getting pretty cold . However I was told Bangalore is kinda freezing and how I miss it . I was supposed to go there for the Fireflies music festival that's going to be happening on the 26th of November but after NH7 Weekender In Pune I don't have the energy for it . For all of you In Bangalore it's a must attend though . Look up for the fireflies ashram on google for more information 
P.S No shoes allowed inside considering it's a jain temple so that explains the minus the shoes part in the pictures 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On The NH 48

Had been meaning to put up pictures of my road trip I had been during Diwali. Some internet problems at first and pure procrastination is the reason I was absent from the blog. So here's the first set of pictures . This was what I did on the first day we went to Shravana Belagola . If your from Karnataka you'll definitely know of this place but for those otherwise , this place is famous for it's beautiful Jain Temple which houses a huge statute of Mahaveer a monolithic stone statue and is absolutely marvelous . Initially the plan was just a quick pit stop at this place ,the aura of the place was such  that it had to be enjoyed a little longer . 

P.S Will do a what I wore next .
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