Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Temple Towns

The next pit stop on my road trip was Belur followed by Halebeedu more popular known as temple towns both the temples in the these towns have very similar architecture and it's painfully beautiful .On the first look these temples look like they have been built out of  a huge monolithic rock . The dictionary meaning of intricate could have well been defined after a visit to these places . The temple in Belur has a very Vintage Vibe as in modernization hasn't touched it yet however the Halebeedu temple has a pretty lake by the side with a small park along the sides of the temple . You can sit her the whole day with some music and life's good . 
P.S Both these places are surprisingly neat not a spec of dirt ,very impressive . Makes me want to live in another era .

P.P.S Will do a what I wore post next.


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  2. OMG!These are so beautiful!I'm sold for anything old and vintage and historical!If it hadn't been for those pants,I'd have almost missed you!

  3. I had made a post about Belur & Halebidu in my Travel blog. Nice to see your version of the place!!!
    Roaming-About in Style
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  4. @Soumi : you should visit this one then , you'd love it :)

    @Mitr : Thanks :)


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