Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Suspended Love

Can never get enough of suspenders , with skirts , shorts and suspenders in it's original form.Absolutely heart them. Wearing it with a self made polka dot shirt .The fabric I found in a scarp market and it's better than some famous brands I've bought from .Went back there looking for more but didn't find them again.Pointers for next time - buy in bulk.

P.S pictures by The Lensor , His Flickr and FaceBook .

P.P.S going home tomorrow , Ruhi and I have fun road trip planned , cannot wait .

Monday, January 23, 2012

WildFlower chase

Got a dress made when I was back home for New Year's , technically I'am just like an hour and a half away from but I like making it sound like it's a distant land . I have no clue why I don't hang out by the tailors more often here in Pune. I bug all the Pune people I meet to introduce me to some good tailor,later I forget all about it.I'm going home for the long weekend and I've decided to scout for some local tailor talent as soon as I'm back.Since dodging questions like "did you check out the tailor I was telling you about" is getting increasingly difficult .Moreover it's difficult to get people to take me seriously when they do I better live up to expectations.I have been told about Clovers center a hundread times over ,maybe I will start from there.

P.S Picture of the wild flower print dress till I actually wear it, planning on teaming it with my orange shoes , This will be available in the shop . Hop on to my FaceBook page for more details.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pop Up Store

YouTube is my favorite place on the internet . Gives me crazy ideas during insane hours of the night.Found this video of a studio being converted to an pop up store. Since I'm on a new furniture buying mode decided to adorn the walls of my living room with some duct tape.There is a picture of what I've started of with here on my Tumblr  . 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

In Brogues

Scored 2 pairs of Brogues while randomly going through ASOS in the beginning of the month. That's when I'am most vulnerable, have been teaming them up with almost everything .Here's one of them . Must say Brogues have been my favorite kinda shoes every since I got my first pair . I remember about a couple of years ago Ruhi (Republic Of Chic) ordered a pair online for me and one herself and we both couldn't wait for it to be delivered . Well it's another thing that we wait for almost everything we order online with bated breath . Considering I'am someone who has an attention span syndrome it's a little difficult to believe the love for these shoes lasted so long . 

Pictures By The Lensor , 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cleaning Up My Closet

We actually live in one of the hottest regions on planet earth , However hats have always been the most disregard piece of accessory . More than a style statement it's actually a necessity. Anybody sporting anything other than a regular cap is always starred at like an amusing thing on the road . I see thousands of girls on the streets of Pune covering everything above the neck level completely with a scarf or a stole funnily only there eyes is visible squishing there noises and shutting up there mouths ,i'm often wondering why they go through so much torture all one has to do is buy themselves a nice pretty big hat .

I for one have decided there has to be more hats in my cupboard but then I realized for that there needs to be some storing place .  Eventually I'm moving back to Bangalore (Hoping this would happen ASAP) I  refrain myself from buying furniture of any kinds . In an attempt at making some space I'm having a sale of some of  my favorite pieces of clothing over at the FaceBook Page Vintage Obsession. There's going to be new additions every week till my closet has some breathing space and my suitcases can move back to the attic .

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

With some feathers

Happy New Year you guys , I know It's super late on the blogging scene, that's only because I have been busy giving the blog a new look in the midst of moving it to a new domain and a whole bunch of exciting things coming up on the blog .

So far the New Year has been pretty nice to me started of with an absolutely impromptu trip to Bangalore , some wine and movies . Hoping the New Year will be full of travels and many more interesting things .                

P.S Photos by The Lensor 
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