Monday, January 23, 2012

WildFlower chase

Got a dress made when I was back home for New Year's , technically I'am just like an hour and a half away from but I like making it sound like it's a distant land . I have no clue why I don't hang out by the tailors more often here in Pune. I bug all the Pune people I meet to introduce me to some good tailor,later I forget all about it.I'm going home for the long weekend and I've decided to scout for some local tailor talent as soon as I'm back.Since dodging questions like "did you check out the tailor I was telling you about" is getting increasingly difficult .Moreover it's difficult to get people to take me seriously when they do I better live up to expectations.I have been told about Clovers center a hundread times over ,maybe I will start from there.

P.S Picture of the wild flower print dress till I actually wear it, planning on teaming it with my orange shoes , This will be available in the shop . Hop on to my FaceBook page for more details.


  1. really beautiful dress! love the combo of colours!


  2. There's nothing like a little happy flowers to perk up a day!Can't wait for the outfit post!

  3. This is really wonderful dress nice color combination.


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  5. Wow nice prints and colour combination. It looks good on you but will it suit everyone?


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