Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Along Came A Jean-Y

My association with bangs go way back to the 3rd grade . My mother spoke me into it back then .She used to cut my hair for the longest period .As i grew up i insisted on visiting those fancy hence we come with a heavy price tag salons . 2 weeks ago i went into this reputed salon just for some bangs ,however walked out looking like Alpha Alpha from The Little Rascals oh and guess what it  looks good only on him , yeah i didn't know that already .May be i should have just stuck to my mom . I realized i din't  understand my hairdresser and he didn't  get  me .So now i need at least 20 minutes with the unruly bangs and bazillion bobby pins.  . 

Dress :Wrangler(10 years old, in another 5 years it will be vintage :-} )
Jewelery :Made to order
Shoes :London
Bag : Dazzle

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet The Stylist- Nidhi Jacob

Presenting to you the Oh -So -Fabulous stylist and fashion writer Nidhi Jacob. Most of you who haunt style Pile would definitely be familiar with her .When i  first saw Hidden Button(her style pile name)  why was she hiding all this while was what i thought  because every time i see her style i'm busy making notes . Professional help for free .
If i were to make Nidhi sit in my Garden she would camouflage so effortlessly .I sure would see a couple of butterfly's and pretty pretty sparrows hoping around here. I have never known how to mix prints so well .Ah Someday :)

After looking at these 2 pictures i sure don't seem to see why i should go hunting for locations anymore maybe   it's an eye i need to develop .

When asked to describe her style this is she had to say "I love grandmothers in general, the way they smell, their stories, the way they dress, pretty much everything. My style is hugely inspired by them. I also like playing with androgynous dressing. I borrow a lot from my best friend who is a boy. Once in a while I have this urge to wear shiny, tacky things so i keep a stash of sequinned dresses and gold jewellery for those days. My wardrobe would be incomplete without leopard prints, daddy trousers, cheap jewellery and faded florals. Currently I'm going through a Rosemary's Baby phase which explains my hair."

Oh By the way Organic Farming is one of her interests ,for the annual vacation she spends about 1- 2 months in an organic farm . How cool is she ?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mehabooba Oh Mehabooba

Recently a cousin of mine who went through the blog for the very first time was wondering why i'm always laughing in all the pictures ,why not attempt something else as well. The fact is when your getting your picture taken on the road showing all kinds of narcissist behavior in a land where picture clicking till date is a very grand and curious affair ,you ask a random person on the road for a picture 8 out of 10 times they would pose and do it very happily get all excited and ask you when and how do you plan on sending them there picture . So yeah when i'm standing all alone for the picture ,its bound to get some reaction from the people around and there isn't a single street in India without people at any give time of the day . This has a very weird effect on me and makes me laugh hard trust me really hard . I can actually narrate stories after stories behind every single post up here until now . Thats kind of the story behind all the laughing.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dhothi In Trousers

If there is one place i want to bugler then it's definitely got to be a pet store and set all those  precious little ones free specially the birds .The in-humane sight of humans watching birds inside a cage and going "aww so cute" , The next person i catch saying that will be forced inside the cage and i will go " Aww so cute ".

I know this is absolutely misplaced here in this blog,but there is this new pet store thats opened in the locality and i find the sight so cruel . Specially when i see parents pointing at the animals in the cage and go "oh look at them aren't they cute " instead of telling them thats its cruel to be treating animals like that . 
As horrible as this may sound please wack the first kid you see chucking a stone at the friendly neighborhood dog . 
Anyways Moving On 

Wearing Dhothi Pants from Spinach , lemon green thrift-ed tee, Calvin Klein jacket ,Bag from Levitate. Gladiators from Reliance foot prints .Umbrella Bombay store

P.S does anybody know why Bombay store shut down ? 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Clothes Tag

For the washing impaired 

 If your the kinds who decides the look for every day of the week ahead on a Sunday ,tags like these make it  easier to remember 

Living with a bunch of people ? Make your mark 

These pins are Italian make used to hold cloth tags 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Layering Colors

Its been a while since i posted any outfit pictures .The flu which is supposed to be all over town decided to halt  at  my place twice . SO it's basically been the flu or the weather thats been a spoil sport . Pretty difficult to get a decent shot its either drizzling or dull grey overshadows. However I'm loving every bit of this season hope it lasts as long as possible .Today looked like a potential sunny day(though its been raining without a break since the afternoon) also my mum/photographer was free   so before something could go wrong we went clicking .

Friday, August 20, 2010


I haven't been able to click any outfit pictures ,However i found these pictures which are some of my favorites . These could be absolutely anybody ,it is like getting lost .Don't you wish we could do that.

It's not one of the rugular outfit posts , but since there are clothes involved i thought these will fit in just fine .

Some are black some white , while sepia sneeks a bit along with some others. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fashion And You

Remember these trousers ?

A lot my dear readers were pretty sad that they couldn't find the retail outlet of the brand Remanika. When i was randomly browsing the Fashion And You website today ,found out that Remanika was on sale. However these trousers  were not on but i did find some interesting clothes .So if you don't already have an invite to the the website then click  HERE  For one  and shop away .

P.S also for all the men who complain i don't put up anything here for them guess what Paul Smith is on sale as well (on Fashion and You ). I wish i could buy all the shirts there .

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indigreen Going green this time

Remember  I Introduced you guys to this relatively new brand Indigreen HERE. They have come up with there new collection and this time they go green .The collection was launched on the eve of the Independence day and plan to dedicate one whole year to this cause .

Nidhi one of the Co-founders of Indigreen describes the collection as "Going Green, Patriotic Bollywood Style!...after all, going green is totally patriotic!"

Also she says  "This Independence Day, Indigreen is thrilled to launch its new line of Limited Edition, Handpainted, Bollywood Poster Art, fair trade, Organic tees.

After ‘Going Green, Bollywood Style!’ Indigreen now pays a tribute to Bollywood’s most beloved MAA – Bharat Mata! So get ready for a super mushy dose of Patriotism, Bollywood style. From Manoj Kumar to Dilip Kumar to Dev Anand – everyone is in love with good ol’ Bharat Mata.

Shaheed, Patriotic Insaan (a patriotic twist to Zehreela Insaan), Des Pardes, Apna Desh, Desh Preeme,  …. Written by: PEACE, Directed with : LOVE, Music: PATRIOTISM

Oh! and speaking of patriotism, we also decided that  – Terrorists are UGLY! "

Remember the Oh-So Funny movie Amar Akbar Antony . ?

Meet the Patriotic Insaan's 

Bow To The Shaheed 

 P.S There was a typo with the name of the brand last time ,I was extra careful . I'm pretty lame like that.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vintage Obsession in The Telegraph

Vintage obsession was feature along bunch of other  bloggers in The Telegraph , Read the article titled
Style Stories.

My Jodhpurs got featured again :-)

Friday, August 13, 2010

The week that has been

Some of the little things that made my week . Does it happen to you ,the week goes by and you can never recall what was so significant about it , happens all the time with me,maybe because the little things are always forgotten .

Thank God for sketch books and carbon paper ,sketching talent deficit people like me have some hope of printing on fabric.

Hair sticks for that messy Bun 

Do i need to say more ? they are yellow !!

Consortium of colors 

Antique brass holder for all the buttons/assorted things you can never find.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Red Painted Faces

These trousers actually look so much different in person .I guess its one of those who just isn't  photogenic.
But now i cannot ignore them just because. The pockets on this one are placed some where near mid thigh , So every time i'm reaching out for them I kind of have to slouch a little ,its a funny sight . On a lazy weekend wore this lazy outfit to an absolutely laid back place with a perpetually grey sky hovering over .

P.S : Thought I will P.S something really witty in the end but i give up. There isn't a funny bone that wants to wake up
Have a nice week ahead Lovelies :-)

Trousers: Renamika
Tee: too old to remember
Bag: Mango
Shoes :Mommy dearest loaned it
Location: Rain tree

Friday, August 6, 2010

Do the Stripes

Its always a love hate relationship with stripes.You wear them correctly thanks to all the optical illusions they create slender,slim and tall can be achieved in minutes . A little mistake would make you go  eeyeks , would wish there never will be a mirror around .
Stripes can be termed classic as they never have been called "Last season ". It's always been around.

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