Monday, August 9, 2010

Red Painted Faces

These trousers actually look so much different in person .I guess its one of those who just isn't  photogenic.
But now i cannot ignore them just because. The pockets on this one are placed some where near mid thigh , So every time i'm reaching out for them I kind of have to slouch a little ,its a funny sight . On a lazy weekend wore this lazy outfit to an absolutely laid back place with a perpetually grey sky hovering over .

P.S : Thought I will P.S something really witty in the end but i give up. There isn't a funny bone that wants to wake up
Have a nice week ahead Lovelies :-)

Trousers: Renamika
Tee: too old to remember
Bag: Mango
Shoes :Mommy dearest loaned it
Location: Rain tree


  1. Love the combination! The red is really standing out!!! :)

  2. The tee is sexy indeed. Love the way you look!

  3. You're making me crave for red!
    This Rain Tree is such a fab location :)


  4. Whoa!!!
    The chilly pepper Red peeking from between all that gorgeous black!
    I so lovelovelove the look..
    And you found those pants at Remanika???
    I thnk Ill give the brand a visit again..hehehehe

  5. Red is such a sensuous, strong colour.
    I adore the Red touches everywhere amongst the elegance of Black;-)


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