Monday, August 23, 2010

Clothes Tag

For the washing impaired 

 If your the kinds who decides the look for every day of the week ahead on a Sunday ,tags like these make it  easier to remember 

Living with a bunch of people ? Make your mark 

These pins are Italian make used to hold cloth tags 


  1. How fun!!! Very cute, Smrithi! ;)

  2. Right ? that was my first reaction when i saw them

  3. Heeeeheee Super Creative! I liked the Mom knows how to do it bit..and then the other two ideas had me ROFLing too..Cute post again Smrithi..:D

  4. What a refeshing idea. I'm liking a lot

  5. hahaha just saw the comment on my blog regarding the neighbour monsters :) ansd the beetle ohh you ahve no idea how i have my eeys on it so G told me "baby another 6 years an i can gift you one" so yeay..ponce you come down to your honda CRV you can take my bug for a spin :)

    the only problem is we will b living in the cars and not homes, since we would ahve spent all the money on the beetle and the CRV :) :)

  6. Oh how nice. I could especially do with the day wise tags, I am one for planning the looks for the week ahead, this ought to make my mornings much more peaceful!

  7. hahahahahahahahaha!!! these are great!

  8. @Hippie : Right ? life would become so much more simpler :)

    Dusk :-)

    Sameera , Fashion Bombay : Thank you

    Vibhiti : haha , glad you liked it

  9. haha the first one is awesome :D

  10. This post is so timely.
    Only today I was innovating on my own clothes tag.
    You're always so relevant and much help.


  11. all saints uses those safety pins for all their tags... i have a bunch of them :) ..its sort of my fav store right now


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