Friday, August 27, 2010

Mehabooba Oh Mehabooba

Recently a cousin of mine who went through the blog for the very first time was wondering why i'm always laughing in all the pictures ,why not attempt something else as well. The fact is when your getting your picture taken on the road showing all kinds of narcissist behavior in a land where picture clicking till date is a very grand and curious affair ,you ask a random person on the road for a picture 8 out of 10 times they would pose and do it very happily get all excited and ask you when and how do you plan on sending them there picture . So yeah when i'm standing all alone for the picture ,its bound to get some reaction from the people around and there isn't a single street in India without people at any give time of the day . This has a very weird effect on me and makes me laugh hard trust me really hard . I can actually narrate stories after stories behind every single post up here until now . Thats kind of the story behind all the laughing.


  1. Another pair of great pants! You sure have an eye for great pants :)

  2. I like the top.......AND the killer expressions!!! ;)

  3. lovely top smriti!!!
    n dat killer luks;)

  4. You always look happy though :)

  5. ur smile is really lovely..u should always smile:-) love ur top

  6. It's good to laugh... much nicer happy images than sad ones. x

  7. Hey,
    your blog is such an interesting place because of your pretty pictures and your great smile dear..So please do what you always did..
    And yes, the third pic does look sultry when you're not smiling too..:D
    And I just love the top you're wearing..:))

  8. OHMYGOSH!!!! I LOVE these photos Sassy!!! You are soooo gorgeous!!!! Sexy too!! ...and of course you should always laugh and smile... you have the most gorgeous smile, it's your signature look!
    ...besides... people react to happiness in others (and it's also indicative of others mindsets when they react adversely...).

    You know... I have this thing... it's a bit of a family joke... when I set the timer for family /group photos... I start laughing hysterically when I'm running back to join the group. I don't know why!
    Plus... when I do my blog pics and I'm out and alone, self-timer and tripod... I get a bit self-concious when people start watching me!! Everyone at home and my neighbourhood is used to it!! I understand your laughter...and love it!

    I love this outfit hon... and just adore these pics!

  9. I think people react even if you're clicking :) I get stares with that too, let alone if I were in the frame myself, I wud possible laugh too ;) Lovely pics and also great pants!

  10. hehehehe you look very cute with the smileys

    sexy pants! i love the poses

    LOL @ Dusk's comment

  11. J'adore. The trousers look fabulous. :)


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