Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Along Came A Jean-Y

My association with bangs go way back to the 3rd grade . My mother spoke me into it back then .She used to cut my hair for the longest period .As i grew up i insisted on visiting those fancy hence we come with a heavy price tag salons . 2 weeks ago i went into this reputed salon just for some bangs ,however walked out looking like Alpha Alpha from The Little Rascals oh and guess what it  looks good only on him , yeah i didn't know that already .May be i should have just stuck to my mom . I realized i din't  understand my hairdresser and he didn't  get  me .So now i need at least 20 minutes with the unruly bangs and bazillion bobby pins.  . 

Dress :Wrangler(10 years old, in another 5 years it will be vintage :-} )
Jewelery :Made to order
Shoes :London
Bag : Dazzle


  1. For your bangs, get a straightener. Or give me your address and birthdate, I will gift it. Or just get a rebonding done! That's what I do to my bangs. :)

    The going-on-vintage dress is rugged good. Love it. Love the red and white pops of accessories.

    You cutie, is yours a Wagon R? Reminds me of my college days in India when we roamed about so much in that one! :D

  2. hahah Tamana thank you so much :) i have one already which i rarely use ,i prefer the natural curls somehow ,though they give me a tough time :)

    It is, It is you can the pop of maroon in a lot of posts ,i think it adds color to the picture :)

    Oh but if you still wanna send me something i'm not saying no :-)) haha

  3. sure doesn't look 10 years old! The more I come to this blog, the more I fall in love with denim! You look fab :)

  4. Love this look... i'm all for collar necklaces!
    Interesting mix!

    I've even cut my own bangs a zillion times and end up looking like a fool but then again wear it confidently, use a serum and walk like its nobody's business ;)

  5. Oooh... love the dress... it's already retro...! The choker adds an interesting touch.

    I just need to know... how can you wear tights in the heat??? I'm assuming its always hotter than hot!! It's such a fab look though.

    Little Rascals!!! hahahahahaha!! That's a favourite family movie!

  6. @Dusk : Bangalore has a lovely weather in general its never to hot , never to cold . Now thats it winter/rainy its pretty cold . I have even been wearing leg warmers as well :)

    @Spradha,Upasna :Thank you :)

  7. That's a nice shirt dress worn with an good style!!! Like it.. :)

    The Shirt Dress to Office

  8. Love this look! And, must say that the dress dosen't look 10 yrs old!

  9. The dress is truly a classic piece.......its goin 2 b a treasured vintage!!! Also luv d shoes.... :)

  10. you still fit into your 10 year old dress?? mine look so small :( boohoo!!

    i love how cute the 1st pic is

    i love bangs :)

  11. @crazy diamond ; oh no ,i bought this from a designer who sells vintage stuff

    Thanks guys :)

  12. vintage thats what i think this post is :) and thsoe leggings...love them ":)

  13. oooo That neck band and Wristlet are WOW.
    And Smrithi the Jeany dress is major LOvelove yaar..SUperrrr

  14. in that case, i have way too much vintage in my closet...i love the red choker

  15. it is so creatively stylish how you have accessorized the neck and the wrist piece. icing on the cake!!!

  16. Love the colors you mixed together! Perfection doll ;)

  17. 1st question- whr d hell u got those stockings 4rm???? i want one NOW :(
    now d review ;) d dress definately doesnt look 10 yr old.. love d shoes... london haan :/ beyond my reach.. red accessories bring life 2 d pic.. n retro shades r icing on cake.. overall love ur look 10/10 4rm me.. :D muah

  18. Love the choker and your dress! Retro well done :)


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