Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indigreen Going green this time

Remember  I Introduced you guys to this relatively new brand Indigreen HERE. They have come up with there new collection and this time they go green .The collection was launched on the eve of the Independence day and plan to dedicate one whole year to this cause .

Nidhi one of the Co-founders of Indigreen describes the collection as "Going Green, Patriotic Bollywood Style!...after all, going green is totally patriotic!"

Also she says  "This Independence Day, Indigreen is thrilled to launch its new line of Limited Edition, Handpainted, Bollywood Poster Art, fair trade, Organic tees.

After ‘Going Green, Bollywood Style!’ Indigreen now pays a tribute to Bollywood’s most beloved MAA – Bharat Mata! So get ready for a super mushy dose of Patriotism, Bollywood style. From Manoj Kumar to Dilip Kumar to Dev Anand – everyone is in love with good ol’ Bharat Mata.

Shaheed, Patriotic Insaan (a patriotic twist to Zehreela Insaan), Des Pardes, Apna Desh, Desh Preeme,  …. Written by: PEACE, Directed with : LOVE, Music: PATRIOTISM

Oh! and speaking of patriotism, we also decided that  – Terrorists are UGLY! "

Remember the Oh-So Funny movie Amar Akbar Antony . ?

Meet the Patriotic Insaan's 

Bow To The Shaheed 

 P.S There was a typo with the name of the brand last time ,I was extra careful . I'm pretty lame like that.


  1. damn damn cool!! Esp the Patriotic Insaan tee! too cute..

    p.s: i'm moving to Delhi! just wanted u to know!

  2. Really really cool and innovative concept. I like the Ts! :)

  3. Cool concept! I particularly liked the Patriotic Insaan T!

  4. I NEED the 'Amar Akbar Anthony' tee!!!!!!

  5. @Dusk its available on there website .

    @everybody : totally agree love them too

  6. i love the tess with the movie posters... very cool


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