Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet The Stylist- Nidhi Jacob

Presenting to you the Oh -So -Fabulous stylist and fashion writer Nidhi Jacob. Most of you who haunt style Pile would definitely be familiar with her .When i  first saw Hidden Button(her style pile name)  why was she hiding all this while was what i thought  because every time i see her style i'm busy making notes . Professional help for free .
If i were to make Nidhi sit in my Garden she would camouflage so effortlessly .I sure would see a couple of butterfly's and pretty pretty sparrows hoping around here. I have never known how to mix prints so well .Ah Someday :)

After looking at these 2 pictures i sure don't seem to see why i should go hunting for locations anymore maybe   it's an eye i need to develop .

When asked to describe her style this is she had to say "I love grandmothers in general, the way they smell, their stories, the way they dress, pretty much everything. My style is hugely inspired by them. I also like playing with androgynous dressing. I borrow a lot from my best friend who is a boy. Once in a while I have this urge to wear shiny, tacky things so i keep a stash of sequinned dresses and gold jewellery for those days. My wardrobe would be incomplete without leopard prints, daddy trousers, cheap jewellery and faded florals. Currently I'm going through a Rosemary's Baby phase which explains my hair."

Oh By the way Organic Farming is one of her interests ,for the annual vacation she spends about 1- 2 months in an organic farm . How cool is she ?


  1. OMG!!!!!! She's absolutely awesome!!!!!! her style seems so effortlessly chic........her looks have a typical old english feel to them......u r soooo right, we do need 2 take some serious notes!!!

  2. Hey Smrithi thanks for highlighting the hidden button..:) Real fresh sense of style and dressing. Very real too..
    Do let me know if she has a blog? Havent been to style pile..:( Am I missing out on alot?

  3. her glasses are ... they don't belong to this world...they'r that awesome!!

  4. @Vibhuti : she used to have a blog but not anymore , not much honey :) you could always browse when your free, :)

    @Shreya : i knowww , exactly why i'm in love with her :)

    @polka princess : thats exactly what i told her :)

  5. Very few can pull off this kinda stuff with elan, I have tried it and have failed. Yes. I blame it to my tiny frame. And partly my grandpa. :D

    I love her hair btw.

  6. Oh yes I have seen hidden button on Style Pile. Cool..good to know the person behind all those amazing outfits :) Thanks for posting this!

  7. niaace..i love the first floral top !!

  8. Wow! She's such a find; she's got such awesome taste and I love the way she dares to experiments with prints! Thanks for introducing her via your blog(:


  9. brillian her style

  10. The matching prints are fascinating!

  11. I'm finally back after AGES. I didn't give myself enough time on blogger. So first, sorry!

    Moving on...
    I'm a bit on the fence about the style. But I like the last pic.

    Once again, I'm sorry!

  12. I've seen her on Stylpile! I *heart* her style :)


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