Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Week That Was

A picture within A picture
The diversity in pictures that was hung on that wall was fab!
Moreover i fell in love with the simple frames since they make
the pictures look so nice but all along lets the pictures do all the
shouting out part.

P.S Notice the neon on the chair :)

This Gate
Wouldn't it be lovely to have a gate like that.So rich and

This Tea Bag
Found this while changing the bed sheets.
Was hiding in a corner under my pillow &
it instantly put a smile on my face:) being such an ardent fan of tea of course:) !

I am a huge fan of colors. Be it on clothes or random small shops

P.S notice the small portrait in yellow. Pretty ain't it?

Coz i think the body is over rated anyways:)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


A small shop tucked away from all the hustle bustle  of the main shopping avenues.(Vintage is it!?).
This is my kinda place where i find my kinda clothes. This polka dotted grey dress was one such find.
The belt is from lifestyle and boots from woodlands.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Treking!! NO ways!!

Shorts: Louis Philippe
Shirt: Zync
Shoes: Tibetan flea market

On a lazy Sunday afternoon decided to trek . Got so excited that i forgot to dress appropriately.
The hill was really difficult to trek.One step ahead was equal to 2 steps backward. Then i realized
it was because of my fancy non trek shoes ,so decided the best thing would be to do it bare feat.
The view by the end of it was so worth it .:)

The Week Through A Lense

The Secret Window

Though it was a really hot afternoon .
Everything outside looked so nice and fresh.
I don't know if it was this particular magical view from the window.

This Spice Crusher
My tea wouldn't have been the same without the spices.

A touch of pink

I rotated the picture so many times that i do not know
how it was to begin with.

This Door

The door was so beautiful.
We got so excited to use it as a
background and forgot to snoop
around and see what was behind
such a pretty door :)

P.S Wonder woman meets eye of the tiger:)

My Downtown

Every tree is lit up in the evening.
The entire lane looks so festive.
You cant help but wonder if there's
a festival approaching.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

potpurrie of the week that was

This Pot
We got a couple of horse shaped pots like this and the tail was the cutest part :)

coz i misses u housie. One thing about living in an apartment is i don't get to run all around .I specially miss sipping tea in the garden with my battalion of dogs of course, now i need to buy my flowers when i could have just gone out n plucked them garden fresh.

Was fiddling with the camera , when i transfered the pictures i was delightfully  surprised to see this :). Hmm wonder if this a sign of sorts . 

 On my way to Pondicherry  i spotted this bus in Chenni. Buses in Tamil Nadu are so bright and full of colors,this bright yellow actually looked pale . My first reaction was "is it a scene from the movie The Transformers"?! well it was not . This bus was actually a mobile blood bank. phew! .Wish i could capture the entire bus . 

I am a sucker for antique things.
because i want  a 4 poster cot like this one 

This was a really colorful loo . The curtain was a beautiful patchwork of sorts. The freakiest part was it was topless :)  

A chance visit to a vintage store and i walked out with 2 bags . I bought this chiffon like top and a bunch of other stuff.
Crushed silk wrap,silver with ruby encrusted silver pendant

love this detail
bangles with tiny mirror work

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

red n black

white tee -zync
black trousers - vintage
roberto cavalli inspired printed silk scarf  

Marie Claire red pumps
vintage leather clutch

studded black bangle  

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

jewelery box

cauvery emporium( sandalwood jewelery box.)

vintage store kolkata.

chess box style

alladin style(antique) 

charpoy shaped brass box(antique)

hand crafted wooden bowl(vintage)

antique brass bowl(antique)

Monday, January 11, 2010

patchwork of my week

because it took me one whole week to make this from scratch.

 for my lazy afternoons

because she is the cutest

because they are all waiting for completion.Result of procrastinating.

lines and shadows

because i found it while snooping inside my brothers laptop    
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