Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Week Through A Lense

The Secret Window

Though it was a really hot afternoon .
Everything outside looked so nice and fresh.
I don't know if it was this particular magical view from the window.

This Spice Crusher
My tea wouldn't have been the same without the spices.

A touch of pink

I rotated the picture so many times that i do not know
how it was to begin with.

This Door

The door was so beautiful.
We got so excited to use it as a
background and forgot to snoop
around and see what was behind
such a pretty door :)

P.S Wonder woman meets eye of the tiger:)

My Downtown

Every tree is lit up in the evening.
The entire lane looks so festive.
You cant help but wonder if there's
a festival approaching.


  1. Love 'The Secret Window'. wondering if I can borrow it for my lappy as wallpaper?

  2. where's d last shot taken ?? it looks really good to have a walk down such lanes :)

    ps : tea shot is my fav .. jst for the fact that m a tea-addict :D

  3. I am from Bangalore .There is a locality called Malleshwaram where i stay . the shot is of the main road.
    Me to a big tea fanatic:) cheers i say!


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