Sunday, January 17, 2010

potpurrie of the week that was

This Pot
We got a couple of horse shaped pots like this and the tail was the cutest part :)

coz i misses u housie. One thing about living in an apartment is i don't get to run all around .I specially miss sipping tea in the garden with my battalion of dogs of course, now i need to buy my flowers when i could have just gone out n plucked them garden fresh.

Was fiddling with the camera , when i transfered the pictures i was delightfully  surprised to see this :). Hmm wonder if this a sign of sorts . 

 On my way to Pondicherry  i spotted this bus in Chenni. Buses in Tamil Nadu are so bright and full of colors,this bright yellow actually looked pale . My first reaction was "is it a scene from the movie The Transformers"?! well it was not . This bus was actually a mobile blood bank. phew! .Wish i could capture the entire bus . 

I am a sucker for antique things.
because i want  a 4 poster cot like this one 

This was a really colorful loo . The curtain was a beautiful patchwork of sorts. The freakiest part was it was topless :)  


  1. Those horse pots are SO SO ADORABLE <3 The little pathway looks like something out of a movie, and the heart in the sky made my heart melt :) xo

  2. hello...
    so glad you came for a visit...
    i love that blue door :)

  3. i'm with michelle, love the blue door.

  4. Oh liked 1st and 2nd pic.



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