Friday, August 13, 2010

The week that has been

Some of the little things that made my week . Does it happen to you ,the week goes by and you can never recall what was so significant about it , happens all the time with me,maybe because the little things are always forgotten .

Thank God for sketch books and carbon paper ,sketching talent deficit people like me have some hope of printing on fabric.

Hair sticks for that messy Bun 

Do i need to say more ? they are yellow !!

Consortium of colors 

Antique brass holder for all the buttons/assorted things you can never find.


  1. Love these images! :) Simple things bring more pleasure! :)

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  3. i have come across instances like this ..coz as a person little memories have always mattered to me !...little joys bring so much contentment to the heart !

  4. These are such beautiful images!!!! I LOVE the yellow beads image!!!...and damn yaar, you're very patient to trace such an intricate picture!

    ...and I love the message in this post...

    Timely :) post. This was my theme for my Friday post... I too cannot believe how fast this week has gone, this month... this year! But see I'm old...

    ps. I love Spanish! Am studying Mandarin and Cantonese now but have been brushing up my Spanish, I practise with my Flamenco teacher. I LOVE languages, in a top 5 magic wish list, being fluent in at least 50 languages would be right up there!!

  5. WOW, Now Smrithi you are good at photography too..
    These are such colourful shots. Would love to see more of such ones too..:D

  6. Wonderful sots...whr did u buy that madhubani painting set? wud love to work on one

  7. @Nidhi: a local book store in my locality , i was thrilled to find them

    @Vibhuti: thanks you

    @Dusk: your so multi talented, 50 languages ??!!! i have a hard time learning one , also i have no body to practice it with :)

    @perfect one , Tanvi : couldn't agree more:)

  8. This is so different form the stuff you generally post. I love it! I love it transports me to another place.


  9. love the pictures, specially the threads :)

  10. Great Photography! A very beautiful post.

  11. hey ,

    amazing pictures...beautiful they are...
    how do you print the madhubani sketches on fabric .....and are they used as decor?

  12. such a refreshment looking at these images, pretty!

  13. Into the seemingly bottomless void to which weekends - not to mention time in general - seem to disappear with startling frequency.
    Here’s to listening to those creative voices loud and clear! You go girl !

  14. beautiful post and lovely pictures... i think i will get "inspired" for my yearlong photoblog project... loved the one of the threads

  15. @Arundati,Eveline,Anastasya: thats so sweet you guys :) thank you

    @ goddess of Boho: i was getting bored of myself:)

    @Dipti, Upasana , Rachana: thanks :)

    @rupa: i'm going to use a carbon paper to trace the design on the dress and then either paint or do some thread work,, yeah yeah they could be used as home decor as well :)

  16. love the images hunny..especially the thread one


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