Sunday, January 15, 2012

In Brogues

Scored 2 pairs of Brogues while randomly going through ASOS in the beginning of the month. That's when I'am most vulnerable, have been teaming them up with almost everything .Here's one of them . Must say Brogues have been my favorite kinda shoes every since I got my first pair . I remember about a couple of years ago Ruhi (Republic Of Chic) ordered a pair online for me and one herself and we both couldn't wait for it to be delivered . Well it's another thing that we wait for almost everything we order online with bated breath . Considering I'am someone who has an attention span syndrome it's a little difficult to believe the love for these shoes lasted so long . 

Pictures By The Lensor , 


  1. They spell attitude with a capital 'A'!I'm a huge fan of brogues too though I've only one pair.

  2. I can swear by comfort and style rendered by Brogues...Gr8 pair


  3. I love brogues too! In fact, Catwalk has got a similar pair & I've been eyeing them like anything!!

    1. Wait for their sale , I'm sure they are going to have one shortly
      P.S check there color blocked heels , very interesting !!

  4. so cute ones! really love this style of shoes!!

  5. those look so cute!!!


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