Friday, November 25, 2011


I was quite sad thinking my sweaters and jackets will never see the real world till i got back to Bangalore but I'm quite glad that I can at-least use them during late evenings and early mornings here as it's getting pretty cold . However I was told Bangalore is kinda freezing and how I miss it . I was supposed to go there for the Fireflies music festival that's going to be happening on the 26th of November but after NH7 Weekender In Pune I don't have the energy for it . For all of you In Bangalore it's a must attend though . Look up for the fireflies ashram on google for more information 
P.S No shoes allowed inside considering it's a jain temple so that explains the minus the shoes part in the pictures 


  1. Those red pants & that jacket seem made for each other! :)

  2. I'm obsessed with my red denims too!And that jacket is too cute for words!It can cheer me up any time!I miss THE SHOES though.*Tears*

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