Monday, November 21, 2011

Put Some New Shoes On

I honestly cannot seem to remember when I last bought some shoes . Going through some serious  craving right now . As much as I love living by myself  I hate the fact that my daily needs which were taken care of so well back in Bangalore is eating into my wearing something pretty fund here in Pune.The choices are getting tougher by the day ,how can you decide between say shoes, awesome pair of trousers or paying your rent . Crisis I tell you. 


  1. Oh, the disheartening gloom of not buying shoes in a long while is almost same to the tragedy of having new pairs and not being able to wear em - or even the old ones you love, but not being able to wear cz your feet are all swollen to get into any of them or that you cannot risk tripping cz of the heels. The fact that you wont be buying any for quite some time either, adds.

    Major shoe-blues here.

  2. I know why the rent wins each's called survival....or something like that...

  3. Oh! I totally get the confusion..compulsion actually of paying rent and not buying shoes!

  4. Shopping is always fun and excitement, Buying shoes is always worthy, as it covers our feet from dust. sun burnt and from chilled winters.


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