Saturday, December 24, 2011

Storage Idea's

Before I buy anything whether it fits in my budget or not isn't the concern.How and where to store it always is.The purchase is made depending on the same . Always scouting for some storage ideas . I hate a stuffy looking house so what I do basically is use tidbits of accessories or hang bags here and there ,Adorn walls with tribal belts and convert them into items of home decor . Right now my computer table has a wine glass filled with finger rings and broaches .


  1. I must admit i have used glasses quite a many times as pen stands and stuff :D
    A very Merry Christmas to you :)

  2. A very good tip.I'm as messy as it gets.Will keep it in mind.

  3. Like your storage. I think this is the most difficult task - to store jewelry. Even I face the same problem. It is not so much with buying as it is with storing. But a great tip.

    Divya Bhaskar


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