Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rachana Reddy Clutches

I've known Rachana Reddy from std 12 , she used to be the only girl I remember who would come dressed  up really crisp and nice for a class at 6 AM so it's no surprise that she happens to be one of the hottest accessory designer around the block . 

I have been bowled over by the designs ever since I saw them at the launch about a year ago or so .
Exquisite ,clean cuts , blend of modern and old world charm is how I would describe Rachana Reddy clutches . Small details like the perfect finishing given to the geometric shapes on the Jali clutches to the perfect butterfly edges are so carefully crafted .Personally I heart the Padma reflection clutch since the idea appeals to me . Absolutely lady like with a touch of vintage . 

 The Jali clutch

The beautiful Krishna Clutch

The Padma reflection Clutch

It's really hard to choose favorites since they are all so good . However there is some good news in store for those of you who cannot wait to own these , There is a sample sale going on right now , rush to her online shop and get buying since the rates are sloshed like crazy more like a Christmas gift I guess. Click on the link to get to the sale now . RACHANA REDDY SAMPLE SALE

P.S sale ends Dec 24 so hurry 


  1. omg,, I lovee d butterfly one !!! awesome designs!!

  2. OMG!The butterfly clutch and the last one are so good!Superb designs!

  3. Wow...I love all of them...they are so beautiful...Its really hard to choose your favorite...but I loved the last one the most :)

  4. they are so awesome!!! loved them all
    agree with you that its difficult to choose from!


  5. WOW!!! They are freaking fabulous - all of them! Thanks for sharing!

  6. These clutches are gorgeous! I especially love the Tatoo-Gold-Silver for the cross-over design and delicate treatment of design. Thank you for sharing, these are phenomenal!

  7. hey....
    i really don't know much about girls clutches... but i guess these are amazing .....really cute and classy and i would surely love it if my girlfriend carries one of these, cute !!!


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