Monday, March 28, 2011

Jean Dress

I lived all my life in Bangalore ,then no fashion bloggers event happened there , now that i moved to Pune i have one new invite every week to experience something super cool , most of the invites very kindly ask if i want to attend it in Bangalore or in Mumbai .Next time Pune maybe :) However I'am planning to visit Mumbai over the week end to attend a couple of interesting events and meet a whole bunch of people ,really hoping my plan isn't jinxed this time 

Wearing : Self made Lace shirt , boots from Hong Kong, dress :don't remember  


  1. Did you really make the shirt??? wowww that is an achivement, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Loving your boots and yewellery.

  2. Loving the lace shirt.......& the denim dress is nice too! Have fun in Mumbai!!! :)

  3. im liking the shoes!!! kickass!!!

  4. The atmosphere of the photo is lovely. The way the light hits her face is simply beautiful, especially when it contrasts with her cool outfit. I love the sleek and dark look. the pop of color on the shoes is great! Look amazing and gives sufficient. Your work is very good and I appreciate your work.

    modelle  Roma

  5. ... if Romans had the luxury of seductive charming and yet lethal lookers... then THIS is how they wud have gone for the kill! :-D


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