Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This was taken the evening i left Bangalore , Ruhi and I met up did exactly the same things we always do together , first clicked some pictures and later hung out at one our favorite cafe's and chatted for hours till i realized i would miss my flight . Ahhh !! how i miss doing nothing . 

Every-time i wear these trousers here in Pune for some reason people keep asking me if it's from China , now I keep wondering if it's an honest Pune question or i genuinely look like an absolute "nut case" in them .

(Wearing: Top :Mango Boots: Tibetian Plaza,Trousers:Code,Bag :Orange Bicycle ring -gift,Belt:Safina Plaza)

I know i promised the Orange Bicycle post a hundread years ago but it's just i had to share this amazing bag which has walked into my closet again from the same place. Shweta Rao's ( Stalk Her Here) Oh so sweet going away gift for me.After a long hard days work she managed to find this store buy something i had always wanted and made it to my so called "going away party" so it was an overdose of sweetness that night.Thanks a ton Shweta now i can strike one of "wanted" items from my wish list.


  1. Wooooooo this shirt is perfect!! I so badly want! You look uber chic honey! Muah! And the bag!! Shweta Rao, willl you plz fraaandshiip with me?! ;)

  2. And isn't this shirt also just like the one I'm wearing in my latest post, minus the print?!

  3. the bag is a total stunner !! and pune people..heee excuse them for their ignorance pls :)

  4. Wow!! Now I feel like going away somewhere so that even I can get such nice gifts!!! :P
    Lovely boots & shirt!! :)

  5. ok firstly,you DO NOT look like a nutcase in the trousers!
    i think u totally pull them off!
    secondly,i love your paisley blouse and the flat boots(which kinda remind me of my zara high tops)!


  6. I love your boots, skirt, belt, shirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhh,so beautiful!!!
    I want, want your bag!!!

  7. Babe did the girl postin the first comment just call u "Shweta Rao" ???? :|

  8. And yes u look fab as usual... :D


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