Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday ritual

It's been a while since i dusted my camera , absolutely randoms shots of what i wore yesterday, Pune debut .This whole process in Bangalore used to be so much fun though half the time i would land up bickering like a first grader( this one time i'am very sure i was super close to pulling hair pinching and running away) with who ever was clicking pictures for me coz they wouldn't do telepathy so no mind reading happens hence pictures in my head don't transfer as results on my LCD screen .There were times when  some super funny things would happen as well. Now i really appreciate all the the help i had ,some from super awesome friends at times  mum and did my best to bully my brother as well basically anybody who would put up with all my tantrum throwing .

P.S spotted my first spec of grey so depressing ,thought i had to be at-least a 160 for that

                   jean trousers - Splash , Shoes - Bata , Belt&choker - Safina Plaza 


  1. Lovely images :) love the red and blue combination.

  2. Love the orange hints. BTW, same pinch for the shoes. I adore them and have worn them numerous times since I got them! Oh grey hair is really not such a bad deal, I have like three probably a hangover from colouring my hair pink when I was in college!

  3. Ooooooohhhhh!!!!! Awesome trousers!!! Loving the splash of colors! :)


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