Sunday, March 13, 2011


In the past year I've realized that a camera which is remotely fancy looking can make people act like absolute nut cases in front of you since for some reason the person holding it according to most  folks is almost always somebody who can make you famous , splash your face across front pages of magazines and papers . Something similar happened when we went to click some pictures at this Dhobhi Ghat place . Initially they wouldn't let us click pictures coz they were scared we would reveal the top secret ingredient being used here while washing clothes or something like that but within minutes it changed (read a glimpse of my camera) So basically I had them convinced that there 15 mins of fame was starring right at them .The price that had to be paid was i had click pictures of everybody at this place washing clothes/themselves their kids, aunties uncles ,family portraits .After all the madness ended i was finally happy to indulge in some narcissistic behavior. 

Wearing Self Made Cape, Dress : Lifestyle, Boots : Hong Kong , Stocking :Delhi 
Watch : Courtesy Fashion & You , Belt : Safina Plaza (Bangalore)


  1. Those BOOTS are soooooo AWESOME!!:D

  2. I like your little story behind the camera. Did you make the dress??? Why did yo call it cape-dress???
    Love your Killer boots.
    Have a great Sunday and love from Spain.

  3. Those boots are seriously sexy babe!!!!!!! Love the dhobi ghat backdrop! :)

  4. great location and the boots are really cool :)

  5. This was my uniform in winters. IF you come here, it will be your uniform too! :P

    Looking lovely, hon! :)

  6. smrithax! one of my favorite posts by you.. :D khymonnn


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