Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Balloon skirt

While at home in Bangalore there was so many things i would just take for granted like Internet , inverter, hot yummy dinner the list can just drag from here . Now i actually realize that they were luxuries and not basics, my data card for some reason stopped working and ever since I've been using a computer that belongs to the manual computer booting time zone.I have to climb 4 floors for that as well and i need to rest after 2 floors.

Inspite of the fact that i had so much to do i finally managed to sneak around the city for an awesome dinner at this divine place called Malaka Spice and all thanks to one of my first blogger friends "Vibhuthi" (You can stalk her here.Hmm did i mention soon to be writer)Who very sweetly picked me up from my place and suggested we had to go grab dinner there.Must say Pune sure looks heavenly on a saturday night or i don't know if it was the company .

P.S this is not what i wore though :)


  1. I love the ethnic sling purse a very interesting contrast :)

  2. The white shrug and the khaki skirt with the colourful bag makes for one hell of an east-meets-west look! Love it :)

  3. That bag is sooooooo pretty!! And the red wall is such a perfect backdrop for the photos.......glad that you are enjoying Pune!! :)

  4. Oh you skirtalicious babe. I love this post. And the one below. So much.


  5. am loving the fish scale shrug more!!!!

  6. Ms. Smrithi Rao,
    you have one absolutely beautiful way of putting things together and coming up with a fresh new look! AND there are still so many other things to learn from you too...:D
    NEED to spend more time with you..How abt another Sat eve again together? This time lets head for Lonavala...Heheeeheeee :D

    PS: Awfully sweet of you to give me a mention at ur brilliant blog..Thanku..TC my fashion guru!!!

  7. love the bag and the skirt looks good too..

  8. like the khaki balloon... and the shrug! the hanging belt works well too:) enjoy the new city!

  9. Hey Smrithi....I loved your balloon skirt.very chic....


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