Thursday, March 24, 2011


Off late the highlight off my evenings are  finding the  perfect cafe which serves the most delicious mouth watering hot -Chocolate-Walnut pie and yummy coffee in cute little mugs .Makes me wanna turn this into a food blog.Once this is done taking a long random walk to find a small little store which has all kinds of neon nail paints .Then finding a book-lending store  and the lady who owns it turns out to be this  absolutely charming and oh so swell  , has some brilliant stories to share about some super interesting travel chronicles person ,these encounters gives me hope  "you can break my  dreams but not my spirit  "so much for my  perfect ending .

P.S coincidently these pictures were in front of a really cool book-store in Bangalore  

 Wearing   Top:Code, Bow Trousers : Tibetian Market , Belt: Mango , Bag :HiDesign ,Gloves :Courtesy some really cool store on E-Bay, Shoes :E-bay 


  1. for me the shoes add so much glamour to the whole look! love :)

  2. Loving the top and that awesome belt!!! You are being missed Smrithi!!! Earth calling! :)

    from ©

  3. I love the way you pair yellow a pink. The touch of the gloves is magnificent, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. You are a true inspiration to me ( and this are not just words).

  4. I would be honoured to be follow by you.
    Much love.

  5. I love this glove of's so so versatile!!! And have I told you those yellow shoes were love at first sight for me??? :)

  6. I love those pants they ft you so brilliantly. Nicely put together :)

  7. love the pants! oh and the ring! would you mind naming the bookstore and its location?

  8. That’s pretty cool. Glamour photograph nice location. Designer wears feel luxurious. Nice bag, ring & your shoes. Much creativity I appreciate your work. You’re an icon recognized in the world of fashion as a leader in sustainability. Thanks for sharing.

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