Sunday, July 18, 2010

High Waist and Trousers

Some of my favorite shopping joints basically looks like the trunk of a car . A yesteryear designer runs a small garage shop a stone throw away from home for the love of clothes. My evening walks always include a quick look inside the place. Some of the stuff in there are 2 decades old but he's maintained them so well like they were made yesterday. Also he has a story behind every design .

For the longest period i have been eying these high waisted jeans ,which he says are from his good old days  when he had just started of . Was coaxing  him to sell them to me in vain for a long time . The trousers are way to good to be just  nostalgia and they so deserve to see the 21st century was what i had been telling him. But he hung on to them no matter what i said. I go there pretty often so we kind of know whats been happening with each other, I have been going through a very rough phase .He was touched by whats been happening  and this was his way of cheering me up . 

P.S of late my purchases have a story behind them,which makes every single piece in my wardrobe so special.

Top: Pondicheery
Belt : LifeStyle
Bag: Mango


  1. not really a fan of high waist pants, but the pics r nice.

  2. You *could* do without the belt-like thing, i personally feel so :)

    Oh and I want to snatch those shoes and anklet kind things from the pictures...they'r that pretty :)

  3. It's nice to have you back. Hope you're getting better.
    Great pants!

  4. I love your bag!
    But ofcourse with that grin n your signature stare(you know which pic I mean :P)'d make anything look twice as good as it'd be.

  5. I quite like this look of yours honey! :)

  6. Love the outfit!

  7. first thing -- >keep that smile on! :)

    and how sweet of the guy to cheer you up like that!!

    you make the pants look cute. i couldn't carry them off at all.. love the top. im a fan of checks

    anklets are beautiful, i love anklets :)

  8. oooh and they're back!! you know this so reminds me of Revathy in some way (in her old movies ie) :)

  9. @Fashion Bombay : Thank you :)

    @Ria:Oh is it ?! i'm loving them though :)

    @Shreya: without the belt the whole thing would've looked plain , so it was absolutely necessary :)

  10. @DM:you always have the nicest things to say :) thank you so much :)

    @Cinderella: oh thats so sweet , but you always are , yeah yeah i know what your talking about :)

    @Upasana: i haven't noticed them on Revathi , i will now :)

  11. Love these high wasted pants!

  12. u look really cute!! are u wearing anklets or is that part of ur shoes?

  13. thanks Sunaina,
    Sonali they are anklets :)

  14. oooo... the shoes! n the sling bag of course... redishly accessorized. lobly lobly:)

  15. I like your look! The Pop of red brings it out even more. And the high waisted pants look fab on you! :)

  16. OUCHHHHHH!!! LOVE this look! LOVE!!
    I love red and denim together and this whole look is very La Dolce Vita vintage! You look gorgeous Sassy! LOVE the hair too happy to see you...

  17. Aww dusk your comments always put a smile on my face :-) thank you

  18. I typed a really long comment for this one.. n blogger didn't let me put it up!! :(

    Love it love it love it!! The rest.. i'll call u.. ;)


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