Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spotted @ Bangalore Fashion Week

The pretty Girls from Radio Indigo Shweta Rao &Melodee Austin  with whom we hung out an had a blast through out the evening .

Shweta's  tattoo & her Fedora if I'm not wrong is from Forever New

Had an interesting discovery , the pretty lady above told me about the secret hideout from where she got her pretty pretty dress made from. Will dig into it soon.

NIFT Bangalore student who managed to find these awesome pair of printed trousers from Splash , somehow i never do , The tattoo on her back is a Buddhist hymn.

Lace Love - Was Uber excite to find somebody else embracing the lace gloves ,sadly i couldn't get any information from her since she did not speak the language 

I must have asked her name at-least 4 times but sadly can't seem to remember now. She was very surprised to know that fashion blogging was an existing phenomena in India .Her and skirt is from Thailand and I'm assuming so is she . 


  1. Love Shweta's tattoo & her fedora..........also the white lace gloves & pearls - so gorgeous!

  2. I love that dress, you've got some fun fashinable shots there. Clearly you had a great time :)

  3. The name is Naty, the lady from Thailand :)
    And the hottie from Nift is Andrea.
    You absent minded bum!

  4. i just loved those zebra trousers!

  5. all of them; great outfits!
    and totally love those pants!


  6. love the fedora lady!!!.she's got cutzpah!!!

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