Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Suspending Love

VIntage OBsession is in the midst of packing it's trunk to move to Pune temporarily(Sadly and ironically not for a vacation coz thats the only reason I've ever left Bangalore) think for about 3 months ,hopefully not more. It's so difficult to pack your entire world and that too limit the baggage to just about 20 KG.I'am thinking of sweet talking some close friends and family into travelling with me so i don't have to decide on which of my favorite shoes need not adorn the streets of Pune.

In other news I've been making tons of new clothes for myself since i cannot make any for another 3 months . It's kind of an addiction of late. Maxi dresses to tops to more Maxi  skirts , so much waiting to be posted here

Wearing self made suspenders
Shirt from H&M
Diesel Jeans
Boots from Woodlands


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  2. hii have a nice time at Pune... i like ur hairdo...

  3. Oh Pune is a fun city. Plus close to Bombay :) hopefully we'll see you soon.

  4. I love the bold red background! Nice post x

  5. as Fahion bombay said, come to bombay...we should all meet up!!! will be great

  6. Oh ho! So...packing has started!! All the best for your stint in Pune babe......have loads of fun......& enjoy the stay!!! :)

    P.S.: Like the bag!! :))

  7. I love your suspenders!!
    Have been hunting for one since forever but to no avail :(

  8. So Bombay it is baby, your really close...fashion wise Poona is waaay behind....we'll be seeing you then :)

  9. hey..You are coming to my city!! I am a longtime lurker here, and love your style.
    Pune maybe fashion-backward, but its got its own old-world charm ;-)

  10. hi Smrithi,
    loved the boots n here’s hoping Pune makes u rock just as much as Bangalore did...see already a fashion week attended...
    and looking super cool as always:-)

    P.S.I saw u n this awesome space mentioned in Cosmo today...wow...so proud of u:-)


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