Monday, December 6, 2010


Currently on vacation .Where ? After these pics i'm sure the place needs no introduction.Yes yes It's Rajastan  , this is my second trip in a year. Something about this place that makes you wanna come back. Spotted some interesting looking people all wearing turbans. 

Picture location Pushkar and Amer


  1. looking at pictures i was wondering place looks so familiar n Jaipur like...thn i read !
    you r visiting Rajasthan.... cool !!
    well i love colorful turbans here.... nd colorful Odhnis (chundari)...
    hop u hv fabulous tym here !!!

  2. can't wait to get back to Ajmer and Pushkar...I love both the places! oooh come soon next year :)...also the turbans look so cool on girls (not that they do it in Rajasthan :))

  3. The colorful Rajasthani turbans are amazingly awesome!!! They make SUCH a statement! :)


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