Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cycles and fashion

Last season designers got together to revamp the tuk-tuk's aka auto rickshaws.This season it's the Bi-cycle/Tri-cycle .The on-going  Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week saw some brilliant cycle fashion.
Bi-cycles have been a huge fashion statement for seasons after season ,those of us who read The Sartorialist regularly are no strangers to this phenomenon .Also termed as Messenger Chic.

In the west manufactures make cycles keeping the Fashionista's in mind. Like this one manufacturer called Electra-bikes creates high-fashion cycles very popular with the fashionable crowd , or if you want a brand tag to come along with the cycle there is always the limited edition Chanel cycles worth $ 28,000 .

However I'm really hoping this would happen here in India as well , waiting to see people cruise down the streets wearing anything from suits and skinny jeans to heels and skirts , with messenger satchels and wicker baskets in tow.

This has a very Nida Mahmood vibe does any body know who's the uber talented designer behind this ?
(Images from WLIFW)

Off late bi-cycles have been a huge fascination with me probably because i didn't own one while growing up . My parents tell me this was because of my attention span problems(that of a butterfly ) . " what should we do with a lady bird if you stopped using it after the first week " they would say .  So every time i felt like it (read once a month ) i would bully my elder brother into letting me ride his ,then drop it a million times and quietly get it back home and act like i have no clue about all the damages . 


  1. I still don't know how to drive a bicycle :( Love the last one

  2. i've been trying to make time to see Nida Mahmood's workshop in Shahpur Jat, just don't get around to doing it...as a kid I was very fascinated with rickshaws, even tried driving one- was such fun!! :)

  3. I had a purple ladybird in school and boy was I crazy about it or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. love the last one. quite innovative.
    i miss my ladybird a lot :( infact i often dream abt it :D



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