Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beads United

Wearing a top from Shoppers Stop, trousers from Remanika , shoes from Commercial street,Sunglasses from Marks&Spencers and bag from Levitate

A friend i was with suggested we click pictures with the traffic cop,however after we clicked some pics with him for whatever reasons he thought all camera's work like Polaroids ,after painfully explaining to him that i cannot immediately give me a picture , he was after our life's to know when and  how we intend to deliver his picture to him , now who was to tell him , no such intentions were harboured !! After making him believe that if he stuck around for a little while longer in the same place we would get his picture ,we scooted. All this happened right outside Hard Rock Cafe i'm sure a bunch of people had a good time looking at all the drama .


  1. Haha! Just go give him a copy of the picture please! It's only polite!

    You look great though!

  2. hehe I remember doing this once clicking the picture of a cop, he kept asking for 'reviews' and 'you think I should smile' it was a great experience. Reminds me I should carry the camera around more often :) btw, I love these trousers

  3. hhehee...mad women i tell you !! harassing men in uniform :)

  4. Kewl..I like the trousers!
    I've written a post on remanika recently..check it out

  5. Haha..the story is as funny Smrithi as glam are the pics:-)
    Tch..poor policewaala:-)
    His high hope of getting a pic with the cutest chic he ever so must be sooooo shattered:/

  6. Hey!
    Fashion blogger from Bangalore-hi5 for that! :)
    You look absolutely chic! :)
    My flats in my latest post are from SpiceGirls btw!:)

    Follow my blog at

  7. ... "a fashion blogger harassed an innocent policeman" ... u don't want newspapers to read like this eh? ;-)

  8. Ha ha ha!! The last pic is SUCH a classic one!!! The expressions on both d faces are absolutely opposite & such a contrast!! :P
    U look alwez.... :)

  9. I have been following your blog for quite a while now and I will be in Bangalore in the first week of November...was wondering if you could share some good reccomendations to shop in Bang...Indian wear and silk is supposed to be good there?

  10. Hey Chrissynb Mail me at will give you the details

  11. How much did you chew his brains female?!! The poor thing looks haggard! And you - pretty pretty! Love the yellow neck piece!

  12. LOL ! he looks cute

    so do you :D as always, love the trousers :)

  13. Haha whattey story!

    You're the queen of carrying those pants off! :)

  14. i love it....have sent ur top...i do hope you like it
    love love love


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